Essays on Business Law

Law of Contract and Tort

A legally binding agreement between two people is referred to as a contract. However, there must be an offer, acceptance, consideration, and a purpose on the part of both parties for there to be a legally binding contract. (The Open University, 2017:pg13). When making any decision regarding a legal action,...

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Liquidation Insolvent Trading and Insolvency Restructuring

Organizations are set up to restrict and separate the personal liability of the company executives. According to an article published in the Australian Financial Review on August 27, 2017 and titled "Insolvency reform: How liquidator Stuart Ariff put the focus on creditors' rights" (, a liquidator has the ability to...

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About starting a business

It is crucial to have a thorough grasp of the structure, administration, and liability of businesses before attempting to launch one. The five distinct company structures that make up the businesses discussed in this paper can be divided into five categories. While Tinker s Home Security Service is a...

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about obama care

Government lawmaking has an impact on how businesses function; this impact can be either positive or harmful. Large portions of business revenue go toward the GDP. GDP is decreased when laws are passed that have a negative impact on enterprises. Businesses are a good source of employment, but their ability to hire as...

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The Acme Fireworks Company

To ensure that they participate in activities for which they have a license and that their business transactions are legal, business organizations are required by law to adhere to a number of laws and rules. Legal business entities' business dealings are either governed by common law or the Uniform Commercial...

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Business laws in British

There are numerous legal requirements for conducting business in the UK. An aspiring businessperson must first decide on the structure of their organization and their legal form before launching their own company in the UK. Such a form establishes the fundamental rights and obligations of the company as a whole...

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Laws of production in the US

For failing to adequately oversee the quality of the raw materials they employ to produce finished goods, U.S. businesses are accountable. Businesses in the United States of America leave themselves open to civil lawsuits brought in response to mishaps connected to the usage of their products, however this varies from...

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Minority vs. Majority Shareholders

Shareholders and their Rights Shareholders are the different investors who contribute to a corporate entity in order to advance it and reap the benefits of its operations. Despite having the right and opportunity to be involved in overseeing management activities, the board of directors is responsible for protecting the interests of...

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business law legal underpinnings

A company is an enterprise engaged in economic, manufacturing or technical operations. A foundation is something that acts as a base for funding. Legal principles of business law applicable to the different types of law which regulate the different systems of business. The various business arrangements include Sole Proprietorship, General...

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Business Ethics: From the 21st Century Perspective

Business Ethics: A 21st Century Perspective In the movie of ‘Business problems/ethics’, it is uncovered that globalization has led into a controversy between ethics and business choice. In most cases, the final choices that businesses make do not look into codes of conduct. An instance stipulated is the entertainment industries who...

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