Essays on Copyright Law

Copyright and the Rise of Social Media

Copyright protects the expression of ideas across several publications. Typically, copyright protects works such as computer programs, art, literature, music, and plays. The copyrighted work's writers often have the authority to perform, publish, distribute, reproduce, and adapt the publication in accordance with the restrictions. Copyright is often considered for a...

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Five Reforms Towards more Efficient and Sound Copyright Law

Lessig, first and foremost, pushes for the deregulation of amateur activity or remixing (Lessig 254). This indicates that non-commercial and amateur usage of the work is not covered by copyright. This method relieves corporations of the burden of monitoring content misuse. The second change entails decriminalizing copying. The author advises...

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Copyright laws, RO and RW Cultures

According to Lawrence Lessig, copyrights benefit artists by protecting them. The author of Remix: Helping Art and Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy argues that, rather than allowing artists to build on past works, the war on piracy and copyright restrictions have made it impossible for artists to perform their...

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the property laws

In America, intellectual property laws have a variety of rules and regulations aimed at protecting and regulating access to ideas, creations, and creative works. The bill maintains proprietary possession of intangible assets in the same manner as it protects intellectual property ownership in the United States (Bently & Sherman, 2014)....

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public domain and mickey mouse

The Primary Goal of Copyright Law The primary goal of copyright law is not only to protect the rights of writers and creators of original works, but also to advance practical arts and technology, which is information. To achieve this goal, the owners of copyright must enable the writers or creators...

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Pirated movies are an infringement on the creative rights

Piracy and its Consequences Pirated films are a breach of the artistic freedom of filmmakers, which results in a lack of income, a violation of intellectual property law, demoralization of artists, and a system of impunity; moreover, the release of pirated films serves to encourage films and also serves as an...

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