Essays on Texas Constitution

1984 Republican National Convention

Gregory Lee Johnson's Flag-Burning Incident Gregory Lee Johnson burned an American flag outside the convention center during the 1984 Republican National Convention in Dallas, Texas, as a form of protest against the policies of the Reagan government (Facts and Case Summary - Texas v. Johnson, 491 U.S. 397 (1989), 2017). Johnson's Detention...

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The Texas Legal System

The Flaws of the Texas Judicial System The district attorney, county attorney, sheriff, and judges all have to be chosen by the general public to their respective offices in Texas' apparently democratic legal system. Despite its recent decline in popularity in other states outside of the south, Texas has maintained its...

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Texas law making process

Texas Government Structure Texas government is distinct from those of other states. The government is divided into three branches. These branches are the legislature, the executive, and the judicial. The governor presides over the legislature. Members of the House of Representatives serve for two terms in the legislature. They represent the...

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Revocation of Death Penalty in Texas

The Death Penalty's Decline and the Discovery of Innocence 2008, Cambridge University Press. The book assesses the drop in murder cases in America as a result of increased recognition of the death penalty. Americans have been viewed as only endorsing the death penalty in principle, implying that it is past...

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US Government and Texas Government Values

Texas s Constitution and legislature Texas s Constitution and legislature differ in ways that are similar to many states, particularly in the South, from those of the United States. To some extent, the differences are attributed to an atmospheric shift in the feeling of the legislature in the vicinity of 1789...

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Texas Constitution

Main concern components that have shaped the Texas Constitution Texas constitutional history is majorly due to its history and society over the years. In the Texas constitution before and after its independence, its government system, duties and values are expressed. Prior to the achievement of independence by Texas, it was ruled...

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