Essays on Cyber Crime

Cyber-attack on the United States Power Grid

The largest physical and digital system connections are found in the electricity grid of the United States of America, which is extremely important to both the daily lives of Americans and the nation’s economy. There are currently over 7000 power plants in various States, over 55,000 power substations, about 160,000…

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Key Concepts of Cyber Security

Cyber protection refers to the whole mechanism that is intended to protect an information system from foreign intrusions such as threats and unauthorized access that could harm or reveal the information of a specific entity. In some circles, computer protection is often referred to as information security; thus, for the…

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About Computer Crime

The data and information stored, or transmitted digitally, are digital proofs also known as electronic proofs and can be submitted to the Court by a party (Welty, 2015). It includes electronic knowledge, digital imaging, video recordings and audiotapes. The best proof is given by well displayed electronic evidence. Precise and…

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Cyber Crime

I would like to thank all the governing delegates of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and all the related partners who are present and committed to the war against crime and drugs. Russia’s cybercrime trend is worrying, as it has risen over the years. 37% of…

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