Essays on Cyber Crime

A terrorist cyber-attack

A jihadist cyber-attack (Serabian., 2000.) refers to an unlawful intrusion or perils of attacks directed at servers, networks, and the data stored therein—with the purpose of browbeating or bullying a government or jeopardizing the activities of the state—in furtherance of sinister dogmatic, social or economic objectives. In view of the…

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About Computer Crime

The data and information stored, or transmitted digitally, are digital proofs also known as electronic proofs and can be submitted to the Court by a party (Welty, 2015). It includes electronic knowledge, digital imaging, video recordings and audiotapes. The best proof is given by well displayed electronic evidence. Precise and…

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Cyber Crime

I would like to thank all the governing delegates of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and all the related partners who are present and committed to the war against crime and drugs. Russia’s cybercrime trend is worrying, as it has risen over the years. 37% of…

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