The Impact of Admissible and Inadmissible Evidence in a Court Setting

The Influence of Instructions and Admissibility The main finding of the study is that in the case of a court setting, the jury goes by the instructions of the judge on what is considered to be admissible or not. Conviction is then based only on evidence that the judge agrees to...

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Factors that Play a Role in the Supreme Court’s Decision Making

Factors Influencing Decision Making in the Supreme Courts There are many factors that influence the decision making in the supreme courts. There are not supposed to be any factor, but there are. Ideally, the court is supposed to be influenced only by the laws of that land, and rulings are supposed...

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The Supreme Court of the United States

1. The decision to issue a writ of certiorari is made when there are suspected irregularities in a case. In this regard, an appellate court requires a lower court to submit the case record for review purposes. Higher courts exercise the discretion to determine which cases need to be reviewed. 2....

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Eligibility Requirements for Federal Judges

Article III of the United States Constitution Article III of the United States Constitution holds that federal judges are part of federal courts referred to as guardians of the Constitution. Through nomination and confirmation by the President and Congress respectively, judges remain on the bench for life. Federal judges follow an...

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The Supreme Court's Decision in the Bush v. Gore Case

In 2000, many legal scholars tried to decipher the split decision made in the just concluded presidential election where regardless of the six different opinions; a clear majority of five justices ruled the same way. The Bush vs. Gore case presented an exciting and unique time for the judges because...

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Judicialization of Democracy

Democracy has always been a key to success of leadership in many leading countries globally. It refers to a rule of the people whereby their voice matters in every decision making in a country ("Democracy"). Since the beginning of humanity, laws, politics, and policies have always influenced the way of...

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The Supreme Court's Interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment

1.0 Meaning of Affirmative Action Policies and Programs Affirmative action refers to programs and policies that seek to seek to redress injustices that minority groups have suffered in the past (Ginsberg et al. 190). For example, it involves policies that aim to promote learners from the disadvantaged group when it comes...

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The Adjudicative and Non-Adjudicative Processes

The Court Decision-Making Process The court decision-making process has been a leading concern and subject of debate in the political science field. The legal theorist has developed different approaches in an attempt to establish a positive turn. The three primary factors that mainly influence the lower courts in their methods of...

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The Dutch Court System

The Netherlands is found in the north-western part of Europe with a population of 17 million people. The country borders Germany and Belgium in the east and south respectively while the North Sea covers the north and western part of the nation. The Dutch are people who occupy the country,...

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The Role of the Court in a Movie

In the paper, the student addresses appropriately some of the issues that concern the judicial process unlike the common criminal cases, the scenario in this movie revolves around the protection of the environment. As such, the decision of the student to look at the case from the perspective of the...

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Judge Selection Criteria

Judge Selection Criteria Judge selection criteria are the methods used to choose a judge. On the other hand, removal criteria those guidelines on how judges are ousted from their position. Different countries have different methods of judge selection and removal. Virginia In Virginia, state judges are selected through a process of legislative election,...

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The Structure of Civil Courts in Scotland

Introduction In Scotland, civil courts play a very integral role in the administration of justice established under a common rule and an even provision of law within scot. The body is geared and maintained by the judiciary of the land, occupying various designated offices with the responsibilities of giving judgments in...

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