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Prison Labor and Privatized Prison Industries

Slavery in America was technically abolished in 1865, but due to a loophole in the 13th Amendment, it has remained legal well into the twenty-first century. Human rights groups, as well as political and social organizations, have spoken out against what they call the “new form of inhumane exploitation” in…

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the fifth amendment

The fifth amendment in the US Constitution concerns the protection of people from self-inflict. Although businesses are commonly considered entities, this amendment does not apply. The persons in the company are, however, shielded from self-incrimination by amendment. In the other hand, this provision completely covers the sole proprietorships. In a…

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The Acussed Afforded Rights

The law officer is required to sell the Miranda rights to John based on the Fifth Amendment. The rights of Miranda demonstrate to the offenders that in the court of law, whatever they claim can be used against them. In addition, the officers had to justify to him his right…

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same sex marriage justification

This subject sparks heated debate in various countries, often leading to legal battles for marriage equality. The landmark Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges transformed the lives of countless people who wanted to marry spouses of their choosing. Any associations of same-sex partners sued state agencies in Ohio, Kentucky,…

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Constitutional Reforms and the Fundamental Liberties of America

The significance of the 14th American Civil Rights Amendment The Fourteenth amendment relates to a reconstructive amendment made to American law and adopted on July 9, 1868, into the Constitution. The key concern of the amendment was to remedy the protections of citizenship and to guarantee equal treatment of the…

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