Essays on Constitution

The American Bill of Rights

America's Introduction of the Bill of Rights America introduced the bill of rights with the mission of safeguarding particular ultimate rights of all people in the country from being manipulated by the national government. Similarly, American constitution should give the same defense to all people against malicious acts of the state...

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Comparison of the Texas and US Constitutions

Title 1: Compare and Contrast the US Constitution and Texas Constitution A constitution is the fundamental element of a nation’s government or state, that contains a body of principles in form of laws, customs or institutions according to which a state/ country is governed. The US constitution was written in 1797...

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The Contemporary Constitutional Significance in the United Kingdom of the Rule of Law

Introduction: The Rule of Law in the UK According to constitutional expert Albert Venn Dicey from the 19th century, the rule of law operates in three different ways: (i) the dominance of regular law as opposed to the influence of arbitrary power; (ii) equality before the law; and (iii) the laws...

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Exemptions and Autrefois Acquit

According to the constitution and laws, a "autrefois acquit" is a declaration that an individual who has been charged with a crime has not actually committed it. (Kumar, 2016). The law also demonstrates that the defendant making the request should have been exonerated of the same crime or misdemeanor, and...

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Cherokee people

The Cherokee people resisted and fought to keep control of their territory for the recently recognized Cherokee nation. By 1828, John Loss had assumed leadership of the country. Georgia's legislature deemed the Cherokee constitution invalid and proclaimed a state of armed occupation. In Worcester v. Georgia, the Cherokee petitioned the...

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Is RSPCA a constitutional corporation?

The Fair Work Act of 2009 defines several distinct types of businesses as constitutional corporations. (Harris, Hargovan, & Adams, 2013). These are the entities that are incorporated under a state or territory's corporate legislation and can be categorized as either trading corporations or financial corporations. Constitutional corporations also include foreign...

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The Exclusionary Rule and Discuss the Impact it can have on the Justice System

The Exclusionary Rule in the United States In the United States, the exclusionary rule was legalized as a way to throw out any evidence that had been improperly obtained by law enforcement and could not be used in a criminal prosecution. (Slobogin 13). The regulation was created to safeguard each person's...

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Gun control and rights

Since it is fundamental to the country's security, gun rights and regulation have been a contentious issue in the US for decades. The goal of the US gun rights legislation was to enable citizens to defend themselves against potential attacks. Additionally, Australia and other countries are debating the relationship between...

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US Constitution Amendment

The Lengthy and Difficult Process of Amending the Constitution The lengthy and difficult process involved in amending the Constitution makes it a deliberately challenging task. In addition, although amendments should result in improvements to the initial document, their nature is heavily political. In essence, the Congress has only been successful 27...

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Edwards Rule

The 4th and 5th Amendment rights are applicable in the situation discussed in this paper. Miranda rights are another name for these protections. Before he starts the interrogation, a police officer or detective who intends to question a suspect must give the suspect his Miranda rights. In our instance, the...

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The judicial systems

The Role of the Judiciary in Safeguarding Public Interests The constitutions of many nations around the world have entrusted the safeguarding and defense of the public interests to the judicial systems. The criminal justice system plays a crucial part in making sure that both the accused and the appellant receive justice...

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The Constitution of the United States Gun Control and the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment and Gun Control The US Constitution recognizes citizens' freedom to keep and bear arms. (Cottrol & Viator, 2012). Because the Second Amendment was drafted without any limitations, there are presently laws that restrict the idea of gun ownership. Public safety is the primary argument in favor of gun...

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