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The U.S. Constitution

The United States Constitution guarantees all citizens access to quality, affordable health care (Maxwell, et al., 2015). Yet, some people, particularly the elderly, chronically ill, and mentally challenged, continue to be denied access to services. The majority of nurse practitioners (NPs) focus on school health, women's health, psychiatry, oncology, and...

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Constitution of the United States

George Washington expressed confidence in the new legal document that would guide the United States of America for the first time in his letter establishing the constitution (Goldoni 387). He emphasized the multiple essential principles of democracy inherent in the constitution's benefits to both citizens and the nation. He emphasizes...

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Essay About Religious Freedom

Textually and historically, the first amendment language was enacted to prevent Congress from interfering with the states' efforts at religious tolerance. The framer of the two amendments in the American constitution that symbolize respect for religious freedom was adversarial. This was true until the Supreme Court included the first amendment's...

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Federalism Australian Constitutionalism

Federalism is the tension between competing inclinations of decentralization and centralization, or the dynamic of centrifugal and centripetal forces. Regarding the history of the Australian Commonwealth, practitioners and academics make an implicit assumption about constitutional law that, if left uncontrolled, would result in the implosion or explosion that would destroy...

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Municipal Government Operations Governance Structures and Political Influence

Local governments serve as the states' legal frameworks in the US. According to state statutes and constitutions, they were established. The establishment of local governments and the scope of their powers are both covered by state laws. In the US, counties, municipalities, townships, and school and special districts are the...

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Free Speech: Canada vs. United States

Free speech is a crucial value that is inscribed in the constitutions of the majority of democracies across the world. However, different countries have varied definitions of what constitutes free speech, which is why different Supreme Courts will examine cases differently and reach different conclusions. Free speech has restrictions, much...

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Rights Bills in a Proposed Constitution

Bills of rights are not only unneeded under the proposed constitution, but they would also be risky, according to Hamilton's argument in Federalist 84. He supports this assertion by emphasizing that rather than focusing on constitutional amendment to include the bills of rights, the Congress should address concerns regarding the...

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African Americans and politics in the United States

The ideals and rhetoric of founding documents such as independence, the bill of rights, and the constitution, as well as modern debates about the war on terror through domestic surveillance and the consequences of the Iraq war, all contribute to the ongoing evolution of democracy in the United States. With...

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The Constitution Created a Republic, not a Democracy

Because of the existing constitution, which contains dominated legislation favoring a few people in the region, the American democracy is regarded illegitimate. Dealing with grave problems within the American democracy has become a major source of concern under the current constitution. Democracy was defined as a kind of representative government...

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Governments in Canada should be able to violate fundamental rights.

Countries rely on constitutions to define the individual rights that their citizens should have. The global community is facing numerous challenges, particularly in the areas of crime and terrorism. In many countries, the topic of interference with people's rights is raised based on how governments implement them. There are times...

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European Union Democratic Deficit

The European Union (EU) is a 28-state economic and political union in Europe. Because of Brexit, the number of states will soon be reduced to 27. The European Union lacks a constitution. In 2004, it was defeated. However, the procedures and treaties of the EU establish a constitutional framework. Furthermore,...

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Electoral is the United States' voting system

The electoral system in the United States is as old as the country's constitution. The founding architects of this magnificent nation devised a constitutional convention that distinguishes presidential elections from those of other elective positions. The concept of the Electoral College arose from the challenges that our forefathers anticipated during...

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