The Developmental Theory of Erik Erikson

Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development comprises of eight stages of human development. The first five stages happen within 18 years while the other three go beyond adulthood. Erikson emphasizes on the adolescent stage as a crucial point in developing an individual’s identity (Malone, Liu, Vaillant, Rentz " Waldinger, 2016). Erikson...

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The Five Factor Model of Personality

The Five-Factor Model - A Tool for Studying Personality The five-factor model is a tool used for dimensionally studying personality. Aspects of the model considered include the specific variables in the model, other related models, and clinical applications of the model. The quality of the model is evaluated based on five...

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Erikson's Theory of Psychological Development

Over the years, psychology studies have developed significantly; becoming a factor that has made it possible for this field of study to expand. This aspect has led to the development of several psychological theories that are essential in explaining much human behavior. Understanding these arguments is thus crucial. Despite the...

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The Maslow Hierarchical Needs Theory

Maslow Hierarchical needs theory is a motivation theory comprising of a five-tier model in psychology. The theory states that human beings have an inherent desire to achieve specific needs. Additionally, some of the requirements take precedence over other needs. The five-tier model is made up of physiological needs, safety needs,...

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Application of Theories to Student Well-Being

Well-being programs are important in any institution and educational institutions are not an exception. Self-determination theory is one of the theories of motivation that has been in existence for 40 years.  It assumes that students, no matter their age, socioeconomic status, cultural background, and gender have growth tendencies which provide them...

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The Importance of Hypothesis

The Significance of a Hypothesis The improvements in the world since the human life started results from the proposition of something with the aim of making it better or eliminate a problem. Every situation with issues to be addressed, a hypothesis pioneers the process. Therefore, a hypothesis is a statement concerning...

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Metaphysical Perspectives on Human Perspectives

The phrase metaphysics factually means something that is beyond physical. This part of philosophy dwells on what is nature of reality and beauty regarding to human beings, what constitutes a good life, and how we can understand these things. Metaphysics tries to find unity across all the domains of thought...

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Thomas Kuhn's Paradigm Shift

In 1962, Thomas Kuhn published his famous book “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions” where he explained how the society perceives philosophy behind the revered practical sciences (John). He used the term ‘paradigm shift’ which most people have abused in the contemporary society, to explain his theory and philosophical approach to...

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The Theory of Justice by Nozick

Nozick's Theory of Justice Nozick’s theory of justice claims that, by examining its history, one can determine if goods have been distributed in a just way or not. Unlike, John Rawls theory of justice based on original agreements and structure of the society (Feibleman, 207), Nozick’s argument is historically based. The...

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Aristotle's Theory of the Soul

‘Psyche’ is the Greek word for ‘soul’ meaning that psychology is the theory of souls. There are many different theories of the soul. Aristotle’s theory is principally presented in his publication, ‘De Anima’ simply translating as ‘On the Soul’. Aristotle defines the soul as an individual kind of nature, a...

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Kant's Theory and Practice

Kant's Theory and Practice Kant, through his renowned ‘Theory and Practice,’ which he expresses in the form of written work reveals how some aspects of life acquire the view of being fine from the theoretical perspective. However, Kant could again critic self-thoughts liberally by claiming that what may seem outstanding theoretically...

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The Lab of Coplanar Forces

This lab is aimed at studying the composition and equilibrium of coplanar forces. Additionally, the lab will also evaluate the rectangular resolution and the equilibrium of coplanar forces. Theory Part I: Comparison and equilibrium of coplanar forces This part of the lab will demonstrate how several forces with their lines of actions lying...

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