Analysis of Frank Capra Film Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

Marxism is an economic, political and societal philosophy that scrutinizes the impact of capitalism on the workforce, output and economic growth. Marxism maintains a perspective that the brawl between entrepreneurs and labor providers outlines the development status of the country and their power to regulate the factors of production to...

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Applications of Marxist Theories to Punishment

Brown (2009) claims on page 32 that discipline has traditionally been strengthened as a means of either enhancing or frightening. According to Marxist theories, the way punishment is administered depends on the makeup of the organization. He believed that there was a distinction between the affluent and the poor in...

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Critical criminologists have rejected Marxism's approach to explaining the present problems facing the criminal justice system for the past few years. White collar criminals do not, however, receive the appropriate punishment for their offenses. The most detrimental to the economy crimes can be committed by the ruling elite. These criminals...

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lifestyles of literature authors

I concur that learning about writers' thoughts, personalities, and the works they produced is helpful in understanding the significance of historical criticism. However, this meaning could be further developed by concentrating on the social environment in which these writers lived and how this environment's forces shaped their writing. The writers...

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Ernesto Che Guevara

From Cuba, Ernesto Che Guevara was a Marxist revolutionary who resided from 1928 to 1967. (Chomsky, Carr and Smorkaloff 12). He was also a military theorist, guerrilla commander, diplomat, author, and diplomat. He played a prominent role in the Cuban Revolution and subsequently rose to prominence as a guerrilla leader...

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Emerging Nations and Marxism Today

Several countries who were formerly classified as third-world countries in terms of development have improved their economy and are now classified as emerging markets or nations. India is one of the countries that has made significant economic progress in recent years. The country's economic success can be ascribed to its...

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Theoretical perspectives in sociology: functionalism

Functionalism is one of the main theoretical strands in sociology. Functionalism focuses on achieving social order in order to maintain the stability of society. This theory focuses on the macro level of the social structure of the society, where each component is necessary for the stability of the entire system...

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Postmodernism Complication

In distinct capitalistic societies, people strive to achieve autonomy and special identity as they carry out their daily activities. Uniqueness is normally derived from innovation, ingenuity and other distinguishing characteristics that help outline individuals. Despite the proclaimed uniqueness by individuals in capitalistic states, human beings tend to congregate towards different...

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“The Commodity as Spectacle” by Guy Debord

Guy Debord considers the product as his show in chapter 11 of The Society of the show. Commodities have shifted beyond capitalism to form the spectacle where a set of commodified behaviors arising from capitalism are replaced by real world. "The commodity world therefore becomes evident for what it is...

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