Marxist philosophy

Marxist philosophy is concerned with social tensions. The Theory proposes that society is divided into two classes: those who own the means of production and those who sell their labor. As a result of the nature of these social divisions, differences emerge, resulting in advantages and disadvantages for various groups…

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Postmodernism Complication

In distinct capitalistic societies, people strive to achieve autonomy and special identity as they carry out their daily activities. Uniqueness is normally derived from innovation, ingenuity and other distinguishing characteristics that help outline individuals. Despite the proclaimed uniqueness by individuals in capitalistic states, human beings tend to congregate towards different…

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“The Commodity as Spectacle” by Guy Debord

Guy Debord considers the product as his show in chapter 11 of The Society of the show. Commodities have shifted beyond capitalism to form the spectacle where a set of commodified behaviors arising from capitalism are replaced by real world. “The commodity world therefore becomes evident for what it is…

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