Essays on Movie Analysis

I Am Not Your Negro

I am Not Your Negro is with no doubt an essential documentary as James Baldwin engages in issues of life, culture, and race. In the film, Baldwin seeks to stir discussions that are cultural related and debate through articulate thoughts as well as expressions of principle. Repetitively, the film reveals...

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Analysis of The Iron Lady Movie

As directed by Phyllida Lloyd, the film is a biopic movie elaborating on the journey of Meryl Streep's as Margaret Thatcher –the main character, who has a significant impact in the world as a woman politician. Having occupied that position for over decade, she can be considered a successful iron...

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Zombie Films and Social Anxiety

The Cultural Meaning of Zombie Films The first zombie film in the film industry came from the Das Cabinet Dr. Caligari released in 1921. Recently the Zombie theme is a growing popularity for most filmmakers in the world today. The demand and consumption of zombie films are sending movie directors in...

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Dead Man At Grandview

According to the script, Abbey is one among many citizens who have different views on the way things are running in the west. There seem to be a group of people who are not contented with the way things are, and most of them including Abbey, are hoping for the...

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Analysis of The Pianist

The Pianist: A Cinematic Masterpiece The Pianist is a cinematic masterpiece produced in the year 2002. The director of the film Roman Polanski did a commendable job to show the struggles that people experience while trying to survive. The movie plays for two and a half hours and the events that...

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Once in Love but Now in Love with Music

How did the music influence the storytelling in this production? Was it effective in your opinion? Why/Why not? The music in the production made me glued to the film. I loved the messages in the songs. They were personal and communicated the past romantic lives of the actors-Irglova and Hansard. Yes....

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Analysis of Long Walk to Freedom.

Long Walk to Freedom: A Political Film Long Walk to Freedom is a political based film. In the film, Idris Elba (as Mandela) is charged with a powerful central performance which respectfully treads and not being shy from the truth. In this case, the truth, which also makes a great deal...

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Janet King and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

“Janet King” is a TV series about a character with the same name who works as a Crown Prosecutor. “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” is set in the 1920s and involves a rich, female detective who was born in Australia but has a British accent. She came from a humble background...

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The Problems in the Movie "Ghosts of Mississippi"

The problems in the movie “Ghosts of Mississippi” are the racial killings, discriminative treatments, and injustice targeting the colored people so as to advance White supremacy. The African Americans are specifically killed without probable cause. Worse of all, even after they have been killed for not having committed any wrong,...

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The Mathew Shepard Story

Referred by the title The Mathew Shepherd , the movie is a Canadian-American film produced in 2002 and directed by Spottiswoode Roger. The movie was acted based on a true story of a young adult who was gay and murdered in 1998. The death of the openly declared gay...

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The Feminist Perspective in Mulan

The feminist perspective is an approach that is based on patriarchal systems that are based on the notion and practice of male supremacy. The concept of feminism is inspired by the desire to elevate the level of women in society and abolish restrictive policies that are formulated and implemented by...

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Analysis of A Street Car Named Desire by Tennessee Williams

Gender Roles and Inequality "A Streetcar Named Desire" is a movie whose most fascinating part is the gender role it depicts especially the fact that male chauvinism was apparently in the mind of many people in the society (Jordan Film). The women in the film such as Blanche had shown low...

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