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Refugee migration continues to rise as hostilities and aggressiveness worsen in various parts of the world. In recent years, the Syrian crisis has resulted in the eviction of millions of refugees from their home countries. As the number of migrants increases, states that accept a large number of refugees see...

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Syrian Refugee Crisis

The refugee crisis on a global scale has been on the rise year after 12 months due to various reasons and mainly due to civil wars. An instance of the aforementioned that has contributed significantly to increased migration is the civil war in Syria that has been underway for greater...

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Toxic Stress caused by President Trump: Perspectives on Today’s age Business and International Relations

Introduction Donald Trump is, without a doubt, the most populist president to have ever been elected in the United States. President Trump used the excessive pragmatism and populism of a seasoned businessman throughout his campaign, and it can be seen in every step of his presidential campaign. Besides, the President Campaign...

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The crisis of the refugees

The global refugee situation has worsened year after year, owing to a variety of factors, the most severe of which are civil wars. The civil war in Syria, which has been continuing for more than five months, is an indication of the above that has greatly led to intensified migration....

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