a poem analysis literature

Martin Hoffman wrote the song Deportee, also known as the Plane Wreck at Los Gatos, which depicts a plane crash that happened near Los Gatos. The inspiration for writing the poem stemmed from the racial injustice visible in the coverage of the plane crash. There were 28 migrant...

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Racism and Stereotyping in Crash

The Crash is a compelling film that depicts racial tensions and stereotypes in Los Angeles. Paul Haggis directed the film, which is based on a true story about him being carjacked outside a video store in 1991. The Crash weaves together several stories that depict collisions of various personalities and...

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Movie Review “Crash”

“Crash” is film that was directed by Paul Haggis, and launched in 2005 as a social commentary concerning social and racial pressures in Los Angeles. In the beginning of the film, one of the black characters, Graham Waters, says that he believed that Los Angeles did no longer have any...

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Flight recording devices

Flight logging systems were created in order to identify the causes of air accidents, which are nearly invariably fatal. David Warren, an inventor with the Aeronautic Research Laboratories in Melbourne, Australia, invented the flight recording systems that are still in use today in the 1960s. Flight recording instruments are usually...

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