Essays on The Hunger Games

Make your district proud with your The Hunger Games essay. This franchise has been a respite for young-adult dystopian fantasy lovers for years now, and it still keeps the ball rolling with a fourth book that just came out this year. Take a peek into a bleak world of District 12 and accompany a girl who simply wanted to keep her family alive, but ended up being a beacon of hope for the entire nation. The Hunger Games essays are very popular with students, as they allow exploring many important topics this franchise has to offer, such as survival, justice, social inequality, poverty, freedom, friendship, love, etc. – essays on The Hunger Games can take many directions. We held a Reaping to pick the ultimate samples of The Hunger Games essays – you can check them out below. However, if our The Hunger Games essay samples don't suffice, we volunteer as tribute to write an essay especially for you!

Argument from Sources

By creating a scene treatment for The Hunger Games, I followed Jennifer Laurence’s equivalence. This is the most well-known film based on Pride and Prejudice, where Jane Austen’s erotic guidance gained relevance in the twenty-first century. In the creation of my paper on Jane Austen Body, the kind of trendy…

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The Hunger Game Book and Film Compared

The Hunger Games is a novel written by Suzanne Collins that takes place in the future in a place called Panem after the annihilation of North America. According to Collins, the rich capital is responsible for 12 underprivileged neighborhoods. It had 13 districts, but one was destroyed due to revolt….

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The Hunger Games and the giver comparison

Suzanne Collins wrote the dystopian trilogy The Hunger Games. The Giver, on the other hand, is an American young adult dystopian novel written by Lois Lowry. Both books begin each day in a dystopian environment. The setting is a genre that seems to be complicated. They prefer to share such…

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