Essays on Pornography

The History of Pornography

Commonly colloquially referred to as “porn,” Pornography can be defined as any material whether visual written or otherwise consisting of sexually explicit material and whose purpose is sexual arousal. Even though it is something that has been there in various forms for centuries, it has never been available as it...

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The Pornification Trend and Its Impact on Society

Over the past years, the advancement in technology and the rise of mass media have greatly impacted the normalization of pornography. The display of sexual acts as well as sexually explicit materials is increasingly shifting from the traditional status of being a taboo to an accepted norm in the public...

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The Rise of Pornography in Social Media

Pornification is the acceptance or rather normalizing of pornographic and sexual themes rotating in social media platforms. Today’s society living in an internet environment. It is slowly by slowly emulating and seeing it as normal for existence of sexual and pornographic sites that are all over the internet. Pornographic creations...

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The Case of Tim and Lionel Sexting Their Schoolmates

Tim and Lionel convinced four schoolmates to send them nude photos. Tim is 14 while Lionel is 15 years old. The two boys received the nude photos and distributed to their other friends. From the perspective of the media, this was an incident of sexting. ‘Sexting’ is defined as the...

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About Online Sexual Predators

Various groups around the globe have branded the Internet as a source of evil in society. This fact is primarily due to the abundance and supply of pornography that is available on different online websites. Porn on the Internet has had a significant impact on changing people's sexual orientation. The...

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Pornography and censorship issues involving the artist Eli Langer

The essay makes an argument regarding the issues raised by the censoring of creative works. It was crucial to discuss Eli Langer and Sally Mann's biographies in the paper together with their creative output. The majority of the paper's topic centers on how the artistic creations of gifted artists have...

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Love is killed by porn

Porn is a societal issue that undermines love, degrades integrity, ruins marriages, fosters violence, and consumes love (Paul 2). There are still no concrete steps in place to counteract the impact of pornography on culture. The following points illustrate the magnitude of the effects pornography has had on culture today,...

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