Essays on Role Models

Most people in their life at some point had to write a role models essay. The concept of role models is ancient. When we read a book or watch a movie, we often gravitate towards a particular character. We can't help but root for them, we emphasize with them, relate to their problems, share their values, we want to be their friend – ultimately, they become our role model. Sounds relatable? Such characters are designed to attract people – they usually have a strong moral compass, are honest, honorable, selfless, or have other distinctive good qualities. Real-life people can also become role models, usually due to their contribution to the world. Role models essays are generally about people who we respect and want to resemble. Our role models essay samples feature many essays about remarkable people. Feel free to check out these samples of essays on role models, as they might help enrich your own essay.

For Christians, Jesus is the ultimate role model

The ultimate model is Jesus for Christians; he is the individual whose personality, actions, example and norm all can imite (Blanchard and Phil 18). According to the Bible, “Because God had previously known his people, he chose them as his Son, so that he would make his Son the firstborn…

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