about the korean war

On June 25, 1950, the Communist forces of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) launched a surprise assault on the forces of the Republic of Korea (ROK), setting off a war that would be resolved only militarily by an armistice signed on July 27, 1953. However, since no official…

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Talking to the Dead

About every community believes in the desire to connect with the deceased. Many individuals have claimed to be able to communicate with our dearly departed members since time immemorial. Classic fiction, such as Shakespeare’s plays, the Bible, and folklore, describes this contact with ghosts and spirits (Holloway 182-187). For a…

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Differences Between War & Patriotism in Different Cultures

There have been occasions in history that war was proclaimed over purposes that were downright insignificant, such as fighting for money that was not needed and was merely required, or fighting over a stupid little conflict that exploded into an all-out war, or whether a war was declared simply because…

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contrast and compare

Even if they were written by two different writers and set in different contexts, the two works of literature by Amy Tan and Zora Neale may share various principles. The elements that exist in both novels behave as though they are carbon copies of one another. June bangles the piano…

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Societal factors as an essential part in the out turns of the behavior

A variety of societal factors influences individual human behavior. Our immediate society teaches us the majority of our norms, beliefs, and history. As a result, our behavior and reactions to such circumstances are influenced by social tendencies (Ksir et al. 11-34). Following a thorough examination of the cases of a…

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American Transcendentalist in 2017

Transcendentalism is the idea that understanding should be gained by insight and imagination rather than reasoning or the senses. As a result, the behaviors that a person engages in greatly reflect the inherent intelligence that a person has, but not the things that individuals acquire from their environments. A transcendentalist…

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Cultural relativism

Cultural relativism is the intellectual position that one’s views, traditions, principles, customs, taboos, and religion should be understood in one’s own society without reference to another (Marcelo. D. 1991). It is the belief in one’s own faith as it is, without regard for any religion. Cultural relativism is based on…

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Reservation of Religious Beliefs

In most cultures, the distinction between traditional and religious values is still blurry. In both culture and faith, death is a popular theme. However, when it comes to death, both religious and traditional views take different approaches. At any given time, balancing competing religious and cultural values becomes difficult. In…

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Americanism is a collection of patriotic ideals in the United States that seeks to give Americans a sense of cultural identity. It is an American ideology, philosophy, practice, or cultural style. Individualism, self-reliance, democracy, freedom of will and several other traits define Americanism. It is an unusual concept that has…

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Differences Between John Locke’s and Thomas Hobbes’ Political Philosophies

Hobbes and Locke were philosophers who were adamant in their political views and presented evidence to back them up. Both recognize humans as social creatures who make a social contract with the state. However, there are significant variations in their perceptions of the state and its people. Although Locke argued…

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Connecting a Song of Solomon Theme to a Current Event in America

In today’s American society, men are encouraged to either respect or devalue women based on their values and laws. This is despite the fact that anti-discrimination statutes exist to prohibit such action. Women face sexism in a variety of settings, including the workplace and their homes. Women may be refused…

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The Hip-hop Subculture

A subculture is a racial, geographical, economic, or social community that exhibits characteristics and behavioral behaviors that differentiate it from those within society. A subculture is a community that has attitudes and practices that vary from the main classes of a given culture; they have standards and ideals that differ…

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