Essays on Gun Control

Any gun control essay speaks loudly about people's ideas on governmental limitation of gun use. Basically, gun control is a set of laws and regulations which determine rules about gun use, possession, sale, etc. Essays on gun control show that gun control in the US is set forth by several federal and local laws and regulations, such as the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Federal Firearms Act of 1938. Gun control is a highly controversial topic. Many authors argue in their gun control essays that legal restrictions rarely reach their goal of reducing gun violence by limiting gun access and use by civilians. Our gun control essay samples will reveal many valid points on gun control that people make in their essays. Some essay samples feature ways to optimize gun control laws, so you should definitely check them out.

Why Guns Should Not Be Allowed in Schools

Guns should not be permitted in the US schools. The incidents which occurred in Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech and Florida high school should serve as examples of the imminent danger of allowing school communities to carry firearms. There have been recent suggestions that the teachers need to carry guns as...

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Our Blind Spot About Guns

The author uses a title that helps to deliver the content of the essay because it presents a summary of the key idea. For instance, by indicating cars and guns are different the title provides a glimpse of what the essay discusses (MacLeod 81). In addition, it provides a clue...

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Gun Control Problem in the United States

Following the recent rise in the gun-related random acts of violence and fatalities caused by firearms in the United States, the gun control issue has become one of the most controversial subjects of social, political and cultural interest. Gun control refers to the laws governing the manufacture, modification, possession, sale...

Words: 1956

Pages: 8

The Ineffectiveness of Gun Control in the United States

Imagine taking a night out to dinner, a theater, a concert, or any public location and having to worry about feeling helpless or victimized by criminals. Well, this has been the case in many cities across the United States. It seems as though every week there’s a breaking story of...

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Gun Control in the United States

The discussion on gun control in the United States has on many occasions aimed to ensure that members of the public with questionable backgrounds are not allowed to own or even access firearms. Over the last five years, different states such as Texas have enacted laws that limit not only...

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Gun Control and the Second Amendment

The District of Columbia v Heller ruling on 26 June 2008 marked a landmark decision on the gun debate (Burkett, 2008). The Supreme Court said that a District of Columbia law that banned the ownership of usable firearms in a household was illegal because it violated the Second Amendment (Burkett,...

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Proposals to Control School Shootings

Various means have been proposed as ways to tackle school shootings. However, none of them guarantees complete solution to the problem of school shootings. In fact the statistics are on the rise with a minimum of one shooting per week according to a report by CNN (CNN World, 2018).  Students...

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Why There Should Be Gun Control in The United States

There are roughly eighty-eight firearms for each one-hundred persons in America that is almost 270,000,000 artilleries and the most noteworthy summation and individual scale worldwide. That is to say, approximately 22% of the United States’ nationals do own a single or multiple guns of which 35% are males, and 12%...

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Gun control debate in America

Gun control has returned to the forefront of the debate nationally since the occurrence of the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida. The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School attack which left seventeen dead. This was unlike previous massacres, many big companies and firms have come out firmly...

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Gun Control Laws in the United States

Despite being a world power and one of the developed nation of the world, United States of America is going through a number of social issues. Some of these have slowly accumulated, while others are more recent. Everything that the government and people of a country do have an impact...

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Gun Control in the US

Over the years, a couple of issues have constantly aroused heated controversies. They have also led to the development of several arguments in society. Having considered the several options available for discussion in this study, attention would be given to the analysis of the need for gun control in the...

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Gun Control Debate

The debate concerning gun control is a controversial issue that policymakers have failed to agree on for a long time. It continues to be a pressing issue in American society. Proponents for gun control argue that the current gunfire shootings in the United States are devastating and thus call for...

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