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Any gun control essay speaks loudly about people's ideas on governmental limitation of gun use. Basically, gun control is a set of laws and regulations which determine rules about gun use, possession, sale, etc. Essays on gun control show that gun control in the US is set forth by several federal and local laws and regulations, such as the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Federal Firearms Act of 1938. Gun control is a highly controversial topic. Many authors argue in their gun control essays that legal restrictions rarely reach their goal of reducing gun violence by limiting gun access and use by civilians. Our gun control essay samples will reveal many valid points on gun control that people make in their essays. Some essay samples feature ways to optimize gun control laws, so you should definitely check them out.

The Kansas City Gun Experiment

The Kansas City gun experiment was a failure for many reasons. Most gun studies failed to measure certain factors, including Location, Internal consistency, and Test-retest reliability. This article explores these issues. However, one aspect of the experiment that has not been adequately evaluated is the level of impact it had…

Words: 671

Pages: 3

The Gun Control Issues Raised in “Lethal Passage” by Erik Larsen

Gun control is a system of rules or guidelines that govern the manufacture, commercialization, distribution, ownership, alteration, or use of weapons by civilians. Many countries have stringent gun-control rules, with only a few exceptions deemed permissive. In the United States, gun regulations pressed for the passage of the National Firearms…

Words: 2072

Pages: 8

Forms of Gun Control

Recent reports of illegal shootings and gun abuse in the United States have reignited the controversy about the need for gun safety. One side of the issue contends that gun reform is important to ensure public safety, while the other contends that it is futile because it would do nothing…

Words: 2317

Pages: 9

Gun Control

The ban on gun ownership in the United States was enacted in response to a number of recent shootings (Wellman 145). As a result, several controversies have erupted over whether possession of such devices, which have taken many lives, should be controlled. Notably, gun possession has been a political concept…

Words: 1489

Pages: 6

Police brutality.

When a police officer uses excessive and needless brutality on people, he is said to be brutal. The police violence has been documented in a number of countries around the world. Several people have come to accept that police violence only happens against oppressed and marginalized communities as a result…

Words: 1690

Pages: 7

Do Police Officers Wear Camera Suits?

In America, police shootings of unarmed black people have been all too common. According to a 2015 Washington Post poll, police “shot nearly 258 unarmed African-Americans” (Patterson and Philip 270). In the past decade, the number of African American males killed by police has increased dramatically. In 2016, for example,…

Words: 2024

Pages: 8

Texas Policy – Legalization Of Guns Carrying

Texas coverage on guns regulates possession of firearm handling in public. The history of open elevate of handguns in Texas stated in 1871 when the legislatures in Texas passed a bill to ban carrying by way of its citizens outside homes. This ban was later altered in 1995 when the…

Words: 1119

Pages: 5

Gun Control Policy

The paper discusses the demerits of gun manipulate policy in the community. Apparently, the topic has attracted unending controversial arguments with each sides justifying and passionate about their views. Moreover, the paper starts by revealing contentious troubles surrounding gun rights and gun control and commence to discuss the demerits of…

Words: 137

Pages: 1

Can reduction of violence be achieved with gun control

Crime regulation has a linear relationship with a decline in violence in the US, with gun controls having the greatest effect on declining gun deaths, with three federal laws in particular (gun registration, ammo checks, general background checks) likely to reduce about 90% of firearm deaths. Numerous investigations on gun…

Words: 1616

Pages: 6

Policy of Concealed Carry

In the United States, the concealed carrying of guns originated in Georgia. Governor Zell Miller, who was a state lieutenant, adopted what was called a blueprint for potential laws in 1976. Ed Topmiller, who was a retired border patrolman and NRA chief, inspired his efforts. The primary consideration of the…

Words: 721

Pages: 3

Recent developments – The violence in Las Vegas

In the U.S., civilian gun ownership has greatly increased. It is discerned that the outcome of quick access and use of weapons is closely linked to the incident on October 1, 2017, in which the United States experienced one of the most bizarre killings in history. A man named Stephen…

Words: 773

Pages: 3

Gun Crime Controls in America

Among the biggest threats to American national security, today is a gun crime. In October 2017, the Guardian estimated that the US is home to 88 arms for every 100 individuals and sees mass shootings more than 11 times as often as every other developing country. Latest incidents of mass…

Words: 656

Pages: 3

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