Essays on Gun Control

Any gun control essay speaks loudly about people's ideas on governmental limitation of gun use. Basically, gun control is a set of laws and regulations which determine rules about gun use, possession, sale, etc. Essays on gun control show that gun control in the US is set forth by several federal and local laws and regulations, such as the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Federal Firearms Act of 1938. Gun control is a highly controversial topic. Many authors argue in their gun control essays that legal restrictions rarely reach their goal of reducing gun violence by limiting gun access and use by civilians. Our gun control essay samples will reveal many valid points on gun control that people make in their essays. Some essay samples feature ways to optimize gun control laws, so you should definitely check them out.

Gun Control in America

The gun control debate has been a contentious one in recent years, marred by mass shootings, and it has sparked heated debate among various experts over the years. Despite the spatial harm caused by criminals who would shoot and kill innocent people at will, it turns out that there are…

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Gun Control Paper

Approximately eighty one million Americans legally own guns. However, 60% of the Democrats and 30% of Republicans advocate for stronger gun manage policies that will be vital in the mitigation of violent crimes such as mass shootings that have in the past been stated across the country. State gun laws…

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Pages: 3

Persuasive Essay on Gun Laws

The subject of gun control laws has created several debates throughout many states. In the United States, the government regulates the sale, the use, and firearm ownership in various states. The gun legal guidelines differ from one state to the other relying on the present firearm laws in the states….

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Pages: 4

Right to Own a Gun

The question of civilian gun ownership in the United States has sparked several debates over the years. There are those who argue that people should be allowed to own weapons, and those who argue that citizens should not be allowed to own guns. Both pro and anti-gun ownership claims are…

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Gun Control Measures

Because of the country’s prevalent gun culture, the gun control controversy has become one of the most contentious topics of the twenty-first century in America. According to figures, the number of weapons owned by the general public in the United States varies between 290 and 310 million, implying that more…

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Gun violence cases in schools

A no-gun-on-campus policy to reduce the number of gun violence cases in faculties is a conservative way of thinking and is not a solution to curb public fitness crisis on gun violence. Wheeler’s main themes of the article furnish the only solution to gun violence in schools – permitting guns…

Words: 613

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Gun Control and Weapon Sales

Gun control refers to the enactment of policies that regulate the manufacture and sale of weapons. Will gun control insurance policies make the country safer? Criminals find it simpler to assault their victims using dangerous weapons such as guns. When a criminal brandishes a gun, it turns into easier for…

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Organized Crime and Gun Control

In the current past, there has been a hot argument concerning the firearm regulation. On the one hand of the debate, there are individuals in desire of placing stringent restrictions on guns and on the other hand, there are these who are against the control of guns. Those in favor…

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The Kansas City Gun Experiment

The Kansas City gun experiment was a failure for many reasons. Most gun studies failed to measure certain factors, including Location, Internal consistency, and Test-retest reliability. This article explores these issues. However, one aspect of the experiment that has not been adequately evaluated is the level of impact it had…

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The Gun Control Issues Raised in “Lethal Passage” by Erik Larsen

Gun control is a system of rules or guidelines that govern the manufacture, commercialization, distribution, ownership, alteration, or use of weapons by civilians. Many countries have stringent gun-control rules, with only a few exceptions deemed permissive. In the United States, gun regulations pressed for the passage of the National Firearms…

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Gun Control

The ban on gun ownership in the United States was enacted in response to a number of recent shootings (Wellman 145). As a result, several controversies have erupted over whether possession of such devices, which have taken many lives, should be controlled. Notably, gun possession has been a political concept…

Words: 1489

Pages: 6

Forms of Gun Control

Recent reports of illegal shootings and gun abuse in the United States have reignited the controversy about the need for gun safety. One side of the issue contends that gun reform is important to ensure public safety, while the other contends that it is futile because it would do nothing…

Words: 2317

Pages: 9

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