Gun Laws in North Carolina

Establishment of Gun Ownership Policies

Establishment of policies on the gun ownership and use among the residents of North Carolina is one of the strategies that can aid in the improvement of the welfare of the residents of the previously mentioned region. An analysis of the policies in the North California region indicates that the leaders in the area have played a significant role in the formulation of various gun laws, which they perceive as crucial in controlling the use of weapons among the members of the public. According to NCDOJ (2015), one of the policies that the North Carolina leaders have established restrict the ownership and use of weapons among the public. Indeed, the restrictions on the purchase of rifles helps in improving the welfare of the innocent civilians who are often the victims of gun accidents or indiscriminative shootings.

Age Limit and Training Requirements

As a way of controlling the accidents that emerge due to the improper use of guns, the North Carolina state has also set an age limit for the personalities who can possess the previously mentioned weapon. For instance, in North Carolina State, a person must be 21 years and above to acquire a firearm. Also, the applicant for a gun-ownership must have successfully undergone training on the use of firearms (NCDOJ, 2015). The policies concerning the acquisition of guns play a crucial role in ensuring that the firearm holders have the appropriate skills on the use and storage of the guns, thus reducing the cases of injuries that result from the use of the previously mentioned weapon.

Restrictions on Ammunition and Open-Carry

The North Carolina gun-holding policies also restrict the use of ammunitions that the residents purchase from states such as Vermont, which is a strategy for reducing the number of personalities who import guns from the regions outside North Carolina. Also, the North Carolina's gun policy restricts the open-carry of long firearms to help reduce the accidents that result due to the improper use of the previously mentioned weapon (Webmaster, n.d). Besides, the North Carolina law concerning the ownership of guns requires that an individual who buys a handgun undergoes a background check through a licensed dealer to ensure that the person does not have any criminal record and does not have an intention of using the firearm to harm other members of the public. Finally, the policies concerning the gun ownership in North Carolina allow individuals to purchase the firearms through a catalog or online, but it is conditional that the buyer transfers the weapon above to a licensed vendor who will charge the purchaser some processing fee. The involvement of accredited dealers and a processing fee are essential strategies for the limitation of the guns that the public own.

Restrictions on Access Areas

North Carolina gun policies have also established restrictions on the places where the gun holders should not access while in possession of their firearms. For instance, an individual should not go to the places such as schools, law enforcement facilities, and public offices. The policy concerning the restriction of the areas where people should not access while in possession of their weapons is essential in enhancing the safety of the personalities who are working in such places. However, the restrictions on the regions where one can access when the person possesses a firearm is an impediment to one's rights concerning the ownership of a gun.

Rights and Privileges of Gun Ownership

As discussed above, the North Carolina policies significantly restrict the ownership and use of ammunition among the city's residents. However, the gun laws also allow the public some rights regarding the use and purchase of firearms. One of the privileges is that the policies do not restrict the amount of ammunition that an individual can buy at a given time (NCDOJ, 2015). Besides, the gun ownership policies do not restrict law enforcement officers and federal officials from owning or using firearms, thus ensuring that the citizens receive proper protection from the security officials.

Mental Illness and Counselling

Scholars have also compiled reports which indicate that mentally ill personalities have significant impacts on the cases of improper use of guns in society (Betz & Wintemute, 2015). For instance, personalities who have mental illnesses inappropriately utilize the weapons that they possess, thus causing injuries or death to the members of the public. According to Betz and Wintemute (2015), the counseling that clinicians offer to patients should focus on the proper storage of weapons to aid in the reduction of accidents that result from the recklessness in the handling of firearms. Also, the study that scholars have conducted indicates that clinicians need to use proper counseling techniques while handling the patients with mental problems. Notably, respectful counseling is essential in improving the safety of the patients and the public from accidents involving the improper handling of firearms.

Positive Attitude and Collaboration

In the course of counseling the patients concerning the use of weapons, especially guns, it is critical that psychologists portray a positive attitude towards their clients. Betz and Wintemute (2015) opine that a positive attitude towards the patients is essential in creating an ample environment that will allow the discussion on the various strategies that the patients can use to enhance their safety and improve the welfare of the public. Also, psychologists can aid in the improvement of the welfare of the patients and the safety of the citizens by collaborating with gun dealers to help develop proper strategies for ensuring that mentally ill persons do not purchase guns (Betz & Wintemute, 2015). Indeed, the proper counseling of the patients and the formulation of appropriate policies concerning the sale of firearms to people who are mentally ill will play a critical role in improving the correct handling of weapons.

Public Awareness and Policy Formulation

Finally, counselors need to participate in the enhancement of the use of guns by conducting public awareness of the strategies that people can use to ensure they safely use the weapon above (Betz & Wintemute, 2015). For instance, educating the members of the public on the proper storage of firearms will ensure that people use the firearms properly and eliminate the injuries or deaths that often result from gun accidents. According to Betz and Wintemute (2015), the formulation of policies to guide the counseling strategies that physicians use in the management of the issue of guns in society is also vital for the improvement of the welfare of the public. The formulation of policies concerning the methods that physicians need to use while counseling the public and the mentally ill patients will help ensure that the clinicians use the appropriate intervention methods in the course of managing the gun problem, which is widespread in the American society.


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