100 Synthesis Essay Topics That Are Easy to Write

Are you looking for some inspiring synthesis essay topics? Then you are not alone: numerous students all over the world are doing the exact same thing. Synthesis essays are a common assignment in colleges and universities: they are a piece of writing where you explore a topic by drawing information from several different sources at once, using them to paint a complete and objective picture of the chosen issue.

It is helpful because you learn how to research and apply different sources of data at once, differentiating between bias and rationality in them. It’s a useful skill to have both in academic environment and life in general, so it is understandable why your professors want you to succeed in acquiring it. The problem is, to get a good mark, you should choose a winning topic first. And that’s where real difficulties appear: where to find it? How to make it interesting and how to avoid getting bored as you start working on it? We’ll provide you with these answers below.

Guide for Learning How to Choose Good Synthesis Topics

The first main question we should answer is, what are the tips for selecting an effective topic for a synthesis paper? All your other choices will depend on it. For example, you cannot start looking for sources before you know what they should be dedicated to. In fact, you might realize you won’t get an acceptable grade even before you do any work at all! Bad or uninspiring topic is a recipe for disaster. Here are four ways to avoid it.

  1. Understand the topic you’re choosing. It is important to choose a topic that you enjoy and understand both. Otherwise, you’ll just frustrate yourself by trying to make sense of a subject that feels overly complex or boring. Who needs to spend hours on research? If you cannot grasp the topic, you cannot recognize good and bad points, so the whole writing process turns into a complete disaster. Pick among synthesis essay prompts that speak to you and reflect your interests: they could be related to your hobby, favorite subject, a beloved book or TV show, or even family.
  2. Choose a perspective. Before you start research by sorting through different articles, you need to settle on a perspective. Remember, synthesis essays are all about combining different sources to explore a specific point. So first, you should choose what it’s going to be. Will you argue against a subject? Are you planning on supporting it? You could use this advice as a starting point for finding a topic: are there things you strongly agree or disagree with? Maybe there are online discussions you participated in recently where you stayed up late to argue? This could supply you with fresh and engaging ideas!
  3. Locate sources in advance. If several topics for synthesis essays are already rolling in your mind, look for sources on them. You should make sure that there are enough credible articles with DOI or books dedicated to your subject. If you cannot find anything new and trustworthy, it is better to chance the topic and look for another option,
  4. Verify your choice. If you are almost certain what you’d like writing about, discuss it with your professor. They should decide whether your choice is acceptable. If they don’t require this, talk with classmates or friends to ensure your theme sounds academic enough.

100 Inspiring Synthesis Paper Topics

Still looking for an idea as the feeling of hopelessness grows? No worries: we’ve got you covered. The list below has 100 different topics that could serve as a basis for your synthesis essay. They are further broken into ten big categories — in accordance with our survey, most students prefer to write about them, so this might make your choice easier. Read these options, copy the ones you like, and consider basing your paper on them.

Social Media and Technology Topics

Who doesn’t use social media these days? It became a valuable part of our lives and is used now not only for entertainment but also work, studying, etc. Most students will relate to synthesis essay ideas about it.

  1. How Did Ways of Earning Money Change with the Emergence of Platforms like YouTube?
  2. Marrying Someone You Met Online: Reality or Myth?
  3. Is There Such Thing as Privacy in the Internet?
  4. Evolution of People’s Communication Habits After Appearance of Social Media
  5. How Does Instagram Affect Global Beauty Standards?
  6. Technologies Made Our Lives Easier: Combination of Benefits
  7. Work Changed Under Technological Influence: New Possibilities
  8. Technology Facilitated Abuse of Employees’ Free Time
  9. Why Video Games Are Such a Popular Entertainment Practice
  10. Cheating in Classes Became More Possible with Technology

Education Synthesis Essay Ideas

Young people from all countries are concerned about their education. Explanatory synthesis essay topics below could help you explore quality, price, and overall value issues.

  1. American Education Is One of the Most Expensive Education Worldwide
  2. What Lies Behind the Concept of Pre-School?
  3. Why College Is the Goal of Many Young People
  4. Why Finding a Good Job Is Easier With Master’s Degree
  5. Lack of Tolerance Among College Professors: What Causes It and How Frequent It Is
  6. Who Invented Homework & What Its Purpose Is
  7. Technology Applied in Classroom: A Threat or a Treat?
  8. An Ideal Number of Students Per Classroom
  9. Role of Sport in American Education System
  10. Free Education: How Good It Is & On Which Principles It Functions

Synthesis Essays Toopics on Health and Medicine

It is difficult to find a person who wouldn’t be concerned about their health in the CODI year. Find related synthesis topics to write about.

  1. How the Nature of Coronavirus Evolved Over 2020
  2. Who Invented Medical Masks &  Why They Are Helpful
  3. Correlation between Poverty and Poor Health
  4. Free Healthcare in the World: Where Is It Present and How Does It Work?
  5. Testing Drugs on Animals: How It Started & Why It Keeps Happening
  6. Discuss Healthcare Act in the US along with Its Background
  7. People Who Work From Home and Level of Their Physical Activity
  8. Age Limit for Cosmetic Surgeries
  9. Discuss Common Views on Allowing People with Genetic Disorders to Reproduce
  10. Suicide Prevention Line: How Useful Is It?

Society Issues

As a society, we have our share of problems and victories. Synthesis essay topic ideas could help explore them in more depth.

  1. Abuse at the Workplace: What Starts It and How It Should Be Stopped
  2. Why Death Penalty Remains a Controversial Issue in America
  3. Parents Who Hire Nannies to Look After Their Children: Do They Fail as Parents?
  4. Stereotypes Surrounding Violence Men Suffer From Women
  5. What Positions Immigrants Can Count On in the US
  6. Who Are People That Encourage Banning of Problematic Fictional Content?
  7. In What Covert Ways Is Homophobia Promoted in American Society?
  8. Why Men Are Worried About Expressing Their Emotions Openly
  9. How Smoking Is Promoted Worldwide  and Why It Happens
  10. Do All People Receive Equal Support from the Government?

US Law and Justice System Synthesis Essays Ideas

Are you interested in law and justice? If so, check any of these argumentative synthesis essay topics.

  1. Why People Opposing Abortion Are Hypocritical
  2. How Did Capital Punishment Come to Exist in America?
  3. Ways of Making Sure There Are No Guns on Campus
  4. What Is the Harshest Legal Punishment Given For?
  5. Benefits of Making Prostitution Legal
  6. Protection for Prisoners: Could It Be Ensured?
  7. Is There a Disproportion Between Poor and Rich People in Prison?
  8. How Often Do Laws Change to Keep Up with the Times?
  9. Should a Person Really Be Punished for Breaking the Law If They Did Not Know They Are Doing It?
  10. Do Black People Really Commit More Crimes or Is There Racism Involved?

Environment Synthesis Essay Prompts

Our environment holds so much relevance that choosing synthesis prompts about it is natural.

  1. Reasons Behind Global Warming and Ways of Their Alleviation
  2. What Is an Acceptable Pollution Level in Places Where People Live?
  3. Do Modern Recycling Methods Improve Chances of Diminishing Pollution?
  4. How Nature Would Improve If People Stopped Eating Meat
  5. Do Real Facts Support the Alarming Picture of Nature Degradation Presented in the Media?
  6. How Chemical Spills Affect Oceans?
  7. Why Do Some People Not Believe in Climate Change?
  8. Which Alternative Fuels Are Cheapest Despite Being Effective?
  9. How Coastal Ecosystems Affect the Overall World Health?
  10. Do Small Individual Contributions Matter When It Comes to Saving Nature?

Art and Literature

In case you are passionate about books or art, these synthesis prompt ideas could trigger your interest.

  1. Could Advertisements Be Considered Art?
  2. Why Do People Listen to Audiobooks Instead of Reading?
  3. Is Fanfiction a Valid Form of Literature?
  4. Is There Still a Need for Physical Libraries?
  5. Is There a Point in Writing Books When Everything Is Pirated?
  6. Are There Criteria Determining Which Artworks Are Good?
  7. Is Graffiti a Form of Modern Art?
  8. What Value Do Books Present to People?
  9. Do Musicians Really Have a Better Hearing Than Others?
  10. Is Fiction Distracting in a Good or Bad Way?

Synthesis Essays Topic on Ethics and Morality

Ethics and moral principles could form a solid base for generating good synthesis project ideas.

  1. New Facts About Old Debate: Nature vs. Nurture
  2. Could Torture Be Justified Under Certain Conditions?
  3. Could Cloning Become an Acceptable Procedure?
  4. Is There a Tangible Connection between Money and Happiness?
  5. Loving Criminals: Is It Morally Acceptable?
  6. Are Modern People in Full Control over Their Life?
  7. Which People Are More Successful, Those Who Have Talent or Who Work Hard?
  8. Should Protecting Animals Be a Moral Obligation of Every Person?
  9. Does Complaining to Others Make a Person Happier?
  10. What Is the Value of Gossiping?

Synthesis Topics on Immigration and American Dream

Many people move to another country having hopes. Look at synthesis essay prompt example below and find inspiring ideas to discuss immigration topic or civil rights issue.

  1. Does American Dream Still Exist?
  2. Does Immigration Pose Any Real Danger to Americans?
  3. Is Eliminating Racism Entirely Possible in Our World?
  4. Most Common Reasons That Push People to Immigrate
  5. How Many Lives Has American Dream Actually Ruined?
  6. Why Was American Dream Invented?
  7. How Does Culture Change Under the Flows of Immigration?
  8. Discuss the Process of Emigration and Its Causes
  9. What Classifies as Illegal Immigration?
  10. How Could Happiness Be Measured?

Movies and TV

We all watch TV because it’s fun and entertaining. Check the range of these topics for synthesis essay and  complete an essay about your favorite show.

  1. Positive Effects Bad Endings of TV Shows Have on Their Fans
  2. How Can Queerbaiting Be Explained?
  3. Is It Possible to Become a Famous Actress On Talent Alone?
  4. What Transformations Did TV Undergo in the Last 10 Years?
  5. Does Violent Fiction Make People More Used to Violence in Real Life?
  6. Truth Behind Reality Shows: Are They All Fake?
  7. Is It Possible to Make Real Friends in a Cutthroat Entertainment Industry?
  8. How Was the Longest TV Show in Industry Created?
  9. Alternative Endings to Movies: What Is Their Purpose?
  10. Why Do Many Actors Grow Tired of Playing the Same Role over the Years?

Start Enjoying Your Writing by Picking the Best Topics

Have you already decided on some synthesis paper ideas? We hope our list was helpful and you’ll start your research any second now. As long as you like what you’ve chosen and have at least some degree of interest in it, things will likely go well. But if you still have doubts and are worried about writing, you could always look for extra help. We would be glad to assist you! Our team has years of experience, and they are here with one goal: help students with their tasks. So, we could supply you with good synthesis essay topics, find credible sources, or write an essay on the idea you’ve chosen. Specify your needs and we’ll do everything to meet them!

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