A College Application

Where does one begin to clarify the deplorable state of my country’s education? Still, conjure up the picture of a girl living in the country in a dingy and overpopulated setting. Such an individual becomes a victim of both her social environment and the inefficient system of education. Given the danger to human potential posed by the challenges listed, I plan to explore some of the powerful issues that impede the effectiveness of Iran’s education system.
To begin with, the overbearing focus put on non-scientific classes poses a significant impediment to the sustainability of the educational objectives of the nation.For instance, the main focus in learning initiatives is often committed to the study of religious subjects. Notably, religion provides an important part of a people’s social setting. Nonetheless, it should not be used to impede the acquisition of general knowledge. Scientific learning provides an intrinsic part of the learning initiative. However, it should not be used as a tool of infringement with regards to other subjects. Compelling students undertake religious education at the expense of other subjects inspires loathe for the entire learning initiative.

The next challenge is manifested by the behavior of teachers towards students. Teachers in my country of origin tend to use harsh and discouraging words to rebuke slights in the process of learning. Most of the teachers abuse the correctional powers that they are allowed given their influential positions. For instance, students are usually insulted when they fail to pass their exams. Such acts only serve to fuel fear for the learning initiative among students. Essentially, it is the duty of the teacher to encourage students and to identify mediums of empowerment that can be used to further the student’s efforts. However, most teachers in my mother country do not involve moral sense in guiding students.

My perspective on the learning process in my mother country is drawn from personal experiences. I have been the subject of several educational challenges. The challenges were a direct culmination of a lack of initiative on the teachers’ part. When I started filling forms to apply for American universities, I needed two letters of recommendation from my teachers. However, none of them offered to help in the initiative. Strangely, they refused to offer their recommendations. Instead, they used the knowledge of my applications to discourage me from the project. They would indicate that I would not succeed and would even hint that I was to end up as a restaurant maid. This is just but one example of the loathe that most teachers extend students back in my country.

Lastly, educational challenges are a culmination of the lack of knowledge that is manifested by teachers in our learning institutions. Qualified teachers tend to charge exorbitant prices for their service. Subsequently, teachers are forced to hire sub-standard teachers to oversee the learning initiative. Such standards hinder effective learning. For instance, when I was in the 10th-grade, my physics teacher believed that water only boiled at 100 degrees and that impurities only affected the speed of the process. When I endeared to correct her, with empirical evidences, she rebuked me for trying to question her experience and knowledge.

Overall, such an education system is a danger to the lives and potential of students. Subsequently, I have promised myself to use the skills and knowledge acquired in your institution to further the quality of education in Iran. An acceptance into college will provide me with the opportunity to manifest my dream. It will be enough proof that a child from the depths of an unknown Iranian city can achieve success.

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