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A group of us, reading the Doll House, want to play the game to allow us to transfer important lessons and virtues in our everyday lives. As such, we would like the production committee to help our lighting design, as the transmission of the anticipated message would not be compromised without particular specifics and emphasis.
Doll House deals with the importance of satisfaction and the blessing for the life of this choice in our production, apart from the vices that can be brought about. If satisfaction is absent, a person’s judgment is likely to be poor given that the lens they use in life is blurred. Our main character is Norah, who for the desperate need to get her husband’s health restored asks for money from Krogstad who her husband would not approve. Since contentment work with honesty, Nora should have sought assistance from credible sources. During the discussion, between Nora and Krogstad, the lighting would be focused away from them to depict that what they are discussing is a secret that will remain only between them(Ibsen and Worrall 1:59). That small decision becomes a thorn for over seven years, and when the husband discovers this reality, it becomes problematic. During the confrontation with her husband Torvald, the lighting design would be in such a way that the whole place is lighted and as an indication that her source of money is no longer a secret. She considers herself a doll who can be used for someone’s end and no value or great importance placed in her and the lighting can be flashy disco lights, on and off, depicting the state of her mind as she thinks through the situation and the outcome. However, had she been honest such blackmail that she suffered in the hands of Krogstad to the extent of affecting her marriage would have been absent (Ibsen and Worrall 2:283). In the end, the truth always allows one to enjoy liberty and honesty remain the best policy no matter the price.

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Ibsen, Henrik, and Non Worrall. A Doll’s House. A&C Black, 2008. 505-642

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