The Power of Reading and Writing

One of the milestones we achieve during our early years of learning is reading and writing. From the simple alphabets to complex words, sentences, paragraphs to complete stories and articles. These are the fundamental of formal education systems. Through reading and we develop concepts, ideas and learn to express them…

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authority and writing

The reader can be greatly influenced by writing. Any inaccurate or deceptive assertion on a sheet of paper has the potential to influence the audience’s feelings, attitudes, and actions. That is why, before reading a book, people want to know the author’s authority and whether he or she is qualified…

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Critical Analysis Evaluation Essay on Frankenstein

Because of the creativity and consistency in the prose, Mary Shelly’s novel Frankenstein is arguably one of the most read books of literature. As a consequence, the novel has been subjected to scholarly review from a variety of literatures, with a variety of scholars describing their perspectives on the novel….

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5 Love Languages

I had heard and read a lot from people who had read Gary Chapman’s ‘Five Love Languages, a fact that prompted me to read the book in order to come up with my own opinion on whether it could be helpful to people struggling with love or better still help…

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“Inclusive Consultation and Communication with People with a Disability” A critique

The main aim of writing this article was to objectively analyze the guide “Inclusive Consultation and Communication with Persons with Disabilities” in order to assess its viability by adding specific information to the topic under consideration. The guide was analyzed on the basis of its usefulness and reader-centeredness. During the…

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Dangerous’ books ban

For the longest time ever, published materials have been used by humans for a variety of purposes. History will reveal the literature has been carved out of the desire to preserve past events and to maintain track of such occurrences. As we change, literature has also embraced diverse sectors of…

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News production that is digital

Since the last decade, there has been a steady decline in print media output as a way of passing on facts. The downturn in print media is at an unprecedented pace, in a matter of months. There is a massive drop in the readership of print newspapers all over the…

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About the Red Convertible

The author mentions a title at the beginning of the novel that piques the reader’s attention. This is when the person reading the piece asks himself/herself questions about the object being referred to as convertible. Many objects, in terms of their forms and appearances, may be adapted or transformed. Furthermore,…

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After reading The Conscience of a Conservative

Since reading The Conscience of a Conservative (2007), one can infer that conservatives hold certain values that are correct and lead to the improvement of the ethical norms of society’s members. Conservatives’ commitments also compel them to express acceptable liberal positions on community issues. Goldwater contends that liberals are obsessed…

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In this day and age, democracy is a frightening concept.

What is the primary goal of the reading? There were many challenges for West while pursuing his education at Harvard University, but one of the most important aspects of his goals is to reach out to a larger audience. The primary goal of reaching out to the public is to…

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Reflection of English 1101

The primary purpose of English 1101 is to prepare students to interact effectively and to recognise or develop new information in a variety of situations. Via intensive writing practice or reading, led by evaluations and input from my course teacher, English 1101 helped me gain control over writing conventions. Efficient…

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The reason for reading

When readers take their time to read a letter, they may have various goals in mind. However, the reason for reading a text is ultimately determined by what the author wants to portray, which is a translation of the meaning the author is conveying. The majority of the time, writers…

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