The Importance of Reading in Early Education

In the present literate world, academic achievement, assured employment and individual autonomy is reflected on reading and writing proficiency. Reading is a fundamental life skill that enables us to function in the modern day society. Learning how to read is recognized as the most paramount accomplishment of the first years...

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My Experience in Reading and Writing

Reading and Writing Experiences in High School Reading is an important aspect that brings about happiness, courage, and pleasure. Writing, on the other hand, enables an individual to learn diverse ways of self-expression, develop writing skills, and improve on vocabulary. Since High school, I have had different experiences in reading and...

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Who Cares: Stephen Krashen's Essay on Silent Reading

"Who Cares?" - The Importance of Addressing the Reader “Who cares?” is always a good question to ask when you are asked to do, believe, or commit to something. It is also the central question to ask when you are putting together a piece. It is absolutely necessary for any writer...

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Why Reading Matters

Reading: A Worthy Exercise For a long period of time reading has been perceived to be a worthy exercise. It is probably one of the most valuable and wholesome activities that one can engage in. This is because it is through reading that one can is able to discover new concepts,...

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The Importance of Reading in Life

Importance of Reading and Books Reading is an imperative skill that each individual should possess in life. Parents should strive to develop the reading skills of their children at an early age. Reading ability does not only assist in school, but also furnishes one with a full program of understanding texts...

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Comprehension Strategies of Textbooks

Technological advancements might have contributed towards deteriorating of the reading cultures especially among college students quite significantly. Most of the students prefer watching films or at times listen to spoken content rather than reading. To support the argument from statistics, only around 23% of students’ population complete reading assignments. On...

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The Importance of Reading and Writing in College

The first week in college The first week in college was an exciting experience that came with its difficulties. It was quite hard to adapt to the new life more so the fact that the structure if the education called for personal reading. The new system was a different phase for...

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My Journey in Reading and Writing

If there is one childhood event that I wish to erase completely from my mind is the struggle that I went through to become the proficient reader and writer that I am today. My journey in writing and reading as a child had many ups than down. Nonetheless, since the...

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The Importance of Libraries

“I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.” (Borges) Throughout our lives we have been to so many amazing places. Some have captured our hearts due to their mighty rivers or streams, some are enriched with eye catching green fields, some are gifted with high mountains...

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A Positive Attitude towards Reading and Writing

Changing Attitudes towards Reading and Writing For the better part of my childhood and early adulthood, writing articles or reading novels has never been my priority. I could hardly find enough time to concentrate on publications if not for the regular newspapers that published daily political news. According to my perceptions,...

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The Lack of Rhetorical Readers among Students

A huge gap exists between students’ outputs and professor’s expectations when it comes to rhetorical reading.  Kant explains that it is common for students to turn in compositions or essays that do not present an original view or problem. Most of these just echo the ideas presented by the textual...

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The Interdependence of Reading and Writing

According to Willinsky, reading is most probably amongst the most feasible and beneficial activities people can ever engage in (55). It is through reading that people get new information about other individuals, places and concepts. In fact, many researchers describe reading as an involving journey which begins the moment an...

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