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Standard of Care Case Study

Gwen, a 52-year-old Caucasian woman, looks to be in good health except for some health issues that need to be addressed but she is refusing to comply. She is on medication, but she resists blood work and vaccines. She also requires a mammogram and a pap smear for documentation. This...

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Patient card and observation

JK, a 37-year-old mother of two, came to the clinic today (09/09/2017) with complaints of right-sided flank discomfort. She also has a fever, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting, which she says started three days ago. She says her suffering as excruciatingly severe. While over-the-counter acetaminophen has provided brief comfort,...

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Ethical Challenges for Real-World Nursing Situations: A Case Study

Case 2 includes a couple who desire to have a kid without passing on a health condition that the lady has to the child. The couple decides to use the medical technology of vitro fertilization to have the egg that does not have the gene fertilized and the embryo implanted....

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An Ethical Dilemma definition

Art is a devoted employee who has performed admirably during his time at Youngstown Community College. He has made improvements to the faculty, including his participation in the development of the non-transfer professional accounting program. However, it is time for him to retire, and the faculty is in need of...

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Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Amy Sandberg, 42, was diagnosed with MS after experiencing urine incontinence, exhaustion, unsteadiness, and blurred vision, among other symptoms. Researchers have long noted the significant prevalence of comorbidity (CC) in MS patients (Marrie, 2016). The CC in this case is a chronic fatigue syndrome characterized by periods of exhaustion that...

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Margaret Compton

Margaret Compton will confront a variety of unique hurdles if she decides to return to nursing after a break of 23 years. The first barrier will be a lack of skills essential for her to succeed in today's workforce. The abilities required to be a successful nurse 23 years ago...

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The Healthy People Initiative

Maria's medical history would be another vital piece of information to obtain. This database is essential for providing high-quality care since it provides nurses with a better grasp of a patient's difficulties. Fawcett and Rhynas (2011) Maria's medical history would provide a comprehensive picture of her health over a long...

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Ineffective Time Management

Marilyn is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the efficient operation of her unit in accordance with the provisions of the code of conduct and work ethics because she is the leader of one of the medical units at such a busy hospital. One of the tricky issues affecting medical...

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Ethics and law for school psychologists

Newton is a troublesome employee in this scenario, in my opinion. He is a problematic employee since he frequently violates several fourteenth amendment rights. First, it is true that he is required to exercise his liberty under the clause. At the same time, as a citizen, he has the right...

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The leadership challenge by Oozes and Posner

Oozes and Posner's leadership challenge focuses on building leaders who perform at their peak. Two authors conducted interviews with leaders and their followers to determine what it means to work at the pinnacle of your abilities. They discovered via multiple case studies and interviews that leaders who performed at their...

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Ethical considerations in health technology assessment

Nursing is a large field, both philosophically and practically. A nurse must constantly resort to the respective theoretical framework while making any ethical judgment in the practice of nursing. As a result, this paper will examine Jeremy's case study in all eventualities. According to the case study, Jeremy is a...

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Why the mother needs her daughters to be examined

One of the most significant details to understand in this instance is why the mother requires her girls to be evaluated. This will entail asking whether there is any family history that leads her to believe the daughters should have this type of evaluation. The most crucial thing to remember...

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