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adult online education Benefits

Technology-enabled online learning in higher education Technology-enabled online learning has risen to prominence in higher education during the past ten years. It is clear that the majority of students enrolling in online courses are adults with families and full-time jobs as more higher education institutions continue to offer these courses and...

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Training on E learning and its risk factors

A new paradigm: E-Learning A new paradigm that moves away from the conventional face-to-face classroom and toward online learning is referred to as "e-learning" (Li & Irby, 2008). It covers educational courses and programs that are offered online, on computers, or through other forms of technology rather than in a traditional...

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Research Results: Use of Graphic Novels in Teaching English

Comics use a variety of mediums to convey their meaning or story. The use of comic books to help students develop reading skills has grown in popularity in several areas of the world, including Japan and Europe. Some countries, such as the United States, are also wary of using graphic...

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