Interventions in Co-Teaching

Interventions in Co-Teaching Many factors can cause autistic children to have meltdowns. Not having what the child needs, inability to do what he or she wants to do, inability for the child to control external stimulants, and often the child’s failure to maintain internal stimulants are all factors that contribute…

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The Effect of Music on UAE’s Upcoming Youth Culture

Baker, F. S. (2015). Developing Teachers and Children for Inclusive Educational Practices in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Childhood Education, 91(4), 283-291. The book focuses on the importance of music in the UAE and how it serves as a source of employment for many young people. The author explains how…

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Curriculum Theory to Teaching or Education

Curriculum theory was developed in the early 1860s, when the brain was still thought to be like a muscle. Theorists believed that a sufficient amount of memorization and practice would lead to mastery of the desired behavior. B. F. Skinner, a psychologist, provided a strong psychological foundation for the origin….

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A classroom teacher is one of the most influential people in charge of imparting information to students in a specific field of study. The main responsibilities are to prepare students for the proposed curriculum, teach the appropriate subjects, and perform tests on the taught course to determine the students’ level…

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Women’s Education in the United States of America

The history of women’s education in the United States can be traced back to dame schools and teacher training centers founded for women in the 1700s. Historically, women were required to seek careers in teaching, nursing, secretarial studies, or general caregiving. However, since the 1970s, major occupational shifts have been…

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Teaching Grammar

Grammar is a set of regulations governing the structure of clauses, phrases and words in the particular normal language. It is a significant aspect of communication that enables reading, listening, writing and speech and thus is taught to ensure that every announcement made in any communication is understood. This study…

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Teaching of Grammar

Like any other language, grammar entails a set of forms and rules that ought to be followed while the teaching process. Proper teaching of grammar results to acceptable usage. Therefore, there is a need for teaching grammar in the right manner. It is no doubt that express grammar enables improvement…

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Lesson Observation Log for Field Practicum and Experience

Learning Objective: The college students learn to read and recall common testimonies by telling the stories to the class or a crew of his or her peers. The learners get to orally read a comprehension with a standard fluency after which they steadily develop a will writing from their initiatives….

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Philosophy of teaching and learning

People learn and encode knowledge in their brains in completely different ways in real life. It describes the different personal learning styles that exist, such as visual, tactile, and auditory learning styles, for this purpose (Oliver et al., 2014). Visual learning is my preferred method of instruction. This learning style…

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Literature and Life Lessons: Teaching Morals through Story

Literature authors also base their stories on key themes that can aid in the comprehension of life lessons. If fiction or nonfiction, child or adult, stories bind us. Literature is more than just a way to read about great writers from the past; the magic of narrative inspires the discovery…

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US schools and sex education

In the United States public schools, two types of sex education are taught: abstinence and intensive sex education (Feinberg 4). Comprehensive schooling, in particular, helps to educate youth about the age of consent, human identity, and the availability of techniques and contraceptives to prevent transmitting sexually transmitted diseases. Furthermore, rigorous…

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Sexual Education

Sex education is the study of human identity, emotional relationships, romantic habits, age, and abstinence from sexual activities (Winnicott, 2). Sex education is an important course that lets young people understand their sexual transitions and gain control over sexual participation. Determine the importance (why do we care?) Young people begin…

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