about higher education

Declining by Degrees: Higher Education at Risk is an intriguing series that examines what is going on in higher education. It wants to know what happens before enrollment and graduation. It demonstrates so something has gone wrong. The documentary advocates for reform, demonstrating that the nation is in grave danger…

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As a student, he was the best teacher I ever had.

Teachers are supposed to train students to be better people in life. As a result, this paper investigates the characteristics of a successful teacher and how they influence the learning process. In many respects, the teacher was inspirational and motivating, which prompted us to believe in him. He made certain…

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I’m Viewing how Christian values and Socrates’ principles of virtue can be related.

Socrates is one of the famous Greek philosophers whose teachings have resonated many times with Christian teachings. Socrates’ metaphysical approach to life indicates that his thinking relative to Christian doctrines was rational and applied to humanity at that period. Any of his beliefs are embodied in Christian teachings today as…

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A Teaching Strategy That Is Focuses on the Learner

Parents must ensure that their children live a safe lifestyle. Some people, on the other hand, are entirely unaware of the consequences of being overweight. The BMI is a measurement of body fat that is commonly used. A child with a high BMI is more likely to develop diseases at…

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Education’s Aspects

A new teacher is bound to face difficulties when they begin their career. It’s a big part of being a better teacher. It will be challenging to adjust to a new setting, meet children of various ages, and form relationships with coworkers. An instructor must learn from previous experiences to…

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Teaching Discussion

The ability to transfer information to others has often fuelled controversy about whether the method is an art or a science. Teaching principles have continually formed the environment and context in which all educational issues are considered and determined. Teaching, like every other discipline, necessitates the use of suitable strategies…

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Anne Curzan “Says Who? Teaching and Questioning the Rules of Grammar”

A few intriguing and divisive questions clearly stand out in “Says Who? Teaching and Challenging the Laws of Grammar by Anne Curzan. In a wider and more important perspective, the points put forth by Curzan are very exciting, in the sense that vocabulary and the field of linguistics as a…

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Teachings by the Church

Various scholars have come up with various references to biblical principles from different backgrounds. Some of them have preferred to examine developments across the world and only make a few comparisons to the Bible based on their places of concern, while others choose to do an in-depth study of the…

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Christian World Values

Jesus has taught many virtues that Christians should follow in their daily lives. In Matthew 5:21-24, the key message of Jesus in these four verses is that people’s inner motives, emotions, and feelings are as significant as their external actions. For eg, Jesus equalizes murder by harboring rage toward other…

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