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The Importance of Content Literacy and Dialogic Teaching in Primary School

Teacher and student interactions in primary school are an essential part of learning that determines how teaching occurs. Classroom interactions can be categorised as being teacher-centred or student-centred. In the former categorisation, an educator will pose a question to the students with a pre-determined answer, give an opportunity for the...

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Differentiation of Instructional Strategies

Differentiated learning which is also called differentiation involves a process whereby teachers foster learning by matching the qualities of learners to content delivery and evaluation. Differentiated learning gives a chance to all students to experience the same curriculum by offering entry points, results, and learning objectives which are purposefully developed...

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Observation on Reflective Teaching

This is a personal tool that teachers can use to observe and evaluate the way they behave in their classroom by collecting information regarding what went on in classroom and take the time to analyze it by identifying what worked and what didn’t. Teacher will be able to look at the...

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Mindset of a Teacher

Mindset and Teaching Excellence Mindset plays a great role in shaping the act of teaching. Teaching excellence depends on the mindset of a teacher. There are two types of mindset; the growth and fixed. Sometimes a teacher may find himself with a fixed mindset depending on their goal. If a teacher...

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Importance of Classroom Assessment Techniques

Teaching is an essential aspect in the society and teachers require a specific procedure or technique to guide them on what to do and regarding the progressive learning state of students. Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) are non-graded, in-class assessment tools developed to help teachers get feedbacks useful in guiding them...

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Expert Teachers and Novice Teachers

Explain the Role Mindset has in Shaping the Role of TeachingExpert teachers have extensive knowledge of how they organize, interpret, and represent information in towards students. In effect, expert teachers have the ability to notice distinct features and meaningful patterns of information that cannot be noticed by novice teachers. Brown,...

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Interactive Learning in Teaching and Learning

My target audience for this speech would be teachers, tutors, school administrations, and educators who provide teaching and learning experience for students at elementary, secondary and tertiary levels. The speech helps teachers and educators to identify the ideal method of teaching to improve their teaching strategies and enable learners to...

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How Are The Concepts Of Authority And Engagement Connected In The Classroom Setting?

How are the concepts of authority and engagement connected in the classroom setting? Please explain how you will establish an appropriate level of authority in your future classroom while also maintaining a successful level of student engagement. Establishing of authority and creating a friendly environment in which children is a dilemma...

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Lesson Plan for Students in Grade 3

Lesson plan selected for evaluation is one who is dealing with nouns identification in a sentence. The lesson plan will cover grades, 3 learners, from the reading and identification of the nouns in a sentence. This will provide the student with an avenue to be in a position to identify...

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The Importance of Effective Classroom Management

I would rank Capizzi’s key areas of classroom management in the following order: structure, classroom layout, routines, maintaining and monitoring behavior, rules, and classroom décor. Structure is the most important factor in achieving effective classroom management because it determines how the classroom activities will be run throughout the day. I...

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The Concept of Active Learning

Appreciation note I would like to thank the professor for a commendable lesson that he has offered me throughout the semester and equipping me with better skills and knowledge of becoming a better teacher in the future. Contact Details: Reflection on Teaching as a Profession There are many professions in the world today from...

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How to Teach ELL Students

Making someone learn something is a process especially when that person is learning that thing for the first time. Various steps needs to be undertaken to ensure understanding. For deep understanding, the same thing needs to be repeated several times. Someone cannot be thought something and he or she gets...

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