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Interactive Learning in Teaching and Learning

My target audience for this speech would be teachers, tutors, school administrations, and educators who provide teaching and learning experience for students at elementary, secondary and tertiary levels. The speech helps teachers and educators to identify the ideal method of teaching to improve their teaching strategies and enable learners to...

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How Are The Concepts Of Authority And Engagement Connected In The Classroom Setting?

How are the concepts of authority and engagement connected in the classroom setting? Please explain how you will establish an appropriate level of authority in your future classroom while also maintaining a successful level of student engagement. Establishing of authority and creating a friendly environment in which children is a dilemma...

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Lesson Plan for Students in Grade 3

Lesson plan selected for evaluation is one who is dealing with nouns identification in a sentence. The lesson plan will cover grades, 3 learners, from the reading and identification of the nouns in a sentence. This will provide the student with an avenue to be in a position to identify...

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The Importance of Effective Classroom Management

I would rank Capizzi’s key areas of classroom management in the following order: structure, classroom layout, routines, maintaining and monitoring behavior, rules, and classroom décor. Structure is the most important factor in achieving effective classroom management because it determines how the classroom activities will be run throughout the day. I...

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The Concept of Active Learning

Appreciation note: I would like to thank the professor for a commendable lesson that he has offered me throughout the semester and equipping me with better skills and knowledge of becoming a better teacher in the future. Contact Details: Reflection on Teaching as a Profession There are many professions in the world today...

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How to Teach ELL Students

Making someone learn something is a process especially when that person is learning that thing for the first time. Various steps needs to be undertaken to ensure understanding. For deep understanding, the same thing needs to be repeated several times. Someone cannot be thought something and he or she gets...

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What it Takes to be a Good Teacher and a Good Classroom Manager

One of the basic requirements that are to be provided for a child is education. To get this, a child is sent to school. At school, a child not only gets to have an education but also improves on his or social skill through interaction with other children as well...

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Eileen's Learning

According to the article ‘Magic,’ teachers should always avoid focusing on just one area of knowledge which in most cases is the curriculum that they are expected to teach. The article maintains that there is a need to focus on the students who make up our classes as well as...

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The Teacher as a Learner

Part 1: Tools, Strategies, and Theories for Creating Meaningful Relationships Relationships are an essential part of teaching, as people are relational beings. They preface how teachers interact with students and also how learners interact with one another. In this first Module, we did personality tests to see what type of personality...

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The Role of Digital Media in the Teaching-Learning Process

Attaining an effective and efficient leaning via digital media remains a major issue in the current education. Before the invention of digital media, researchers had limited access to materials which would otherwise be essential in their research projects (Sevillano-García and Vázquez-Cano). That is, they had to rely on the physical...

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Case Study of Special Education

Teaching is a career that calls for humility in service and constant attention to each student's academic progress, extracurricular activities, and social life. Since they did not encounter these situations during their training, teachers have occasionally found themselves in situations that they do not comprehend. (Jennings, Caldwell, & Lerner, 2013)....

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While learning history, it may not seem as instantly useful as other subjects because, unlike other disciplines like science, history does not produce tangible results. It does, however, play a significant part in comprehending contemporary societies, trends, and norms as well as how civilization has developed to become what we...

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