The Irrelevancy of College Education

Tough Economic Times and the Relevance of College Education Tough economic times always oblige people to come up with measures that can effectively overcome impending problems. In the past and present, education has been one of the leading interventions to empower the populace to ensure it can effectively deal with social...

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A Good Life in College

The Concept of a Good Life The concept of what constitutes a good life raises varying opinions among different individuals and communities. Ideally, the different views about “good” particularly in the context of life are dependent on various factors such as one’s environment and overall living conditions. Additionally, it is assumed...

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The Importance of Online Classes at Collin College

1. The essay is very interesting. The introduction is captivating to the audience, particularly the first sentence where the writer states that although Collin College means everything to her, there is a pressing issue that ought to be addressed. From this sentence, readers are able to...

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Mental Health of Collegiate Athletes

The focus on mental health of collegiate athletes has seen tremendous growth in recent decades primarily due to the awareness of its effects on the mental, physical, social and performance in the relevant sports. Various professionals in the field of sports psychology and scholarly researchers have published numerous articles on...

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Benefits of Attending College

The daily decision-making process is characterized by opportunity cost which is the loss of an alternative when one of the presented options is chosen. By definition, an opportunity cost is a benefit that a person could have received, but gave up, to take another course of action. Typically, most scenarios...

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Female Students at Vantage College Shop Mostly Clothes While Shopping Online

The results presented herein seek to answer the study query: Do female students in vantage college stream tend to buy mostly clothes while they are shopping online? Yes, the female students at Vantage College tend to buy primarily clothes while shopping online as compared to other items on the same...

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The Role of Politics in America

Yes, politics in the USA has changed. As much as people are still divided along political lines of democrats and republicans, they are more accommodating to the views of others. They now embrace the opinions of others rather than just tolerating each other. However, there is still much to do to...

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The Affordable College Textbooks Act

The Affordable College Textbook Act The bill addresses an old problem of high cost of education. There has been attempts to solve the high cost of cost secondary education though enactment of several bills but the problem has not gone away. The problem keep on repeating itself the current resurgence coming...

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Criteria for Sororities and Fraternities

In search of lasting friendships In search of a friendship that will last throughout life, a majority of the university students join sororities and fraternities. Nonetheless, a good percentage of these students get caught in situations that are life-threatening because they are unaware of the commitments to which they swear themselves...

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The Changing Process of Sororities

Change is inevitable especially in a new environment where one is subjected to different kind of people, culture, beliefs, and way of doing things. Growing up, I was never part of a group unless it was for sports. Little did I know that was about to change at the University...

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Racial Diversity in College and University Admissions

The Increasing Diversity in American Society The increasing diversity evident across all the facets of American society has created both opportunities and challenges for all the stakeholders in the institutions of higher learning. Particularly, racial diversity demands that learners from different racial or ethnic groups be admitted into various learning institutions...

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Affirmative Action in College Admissions

In medias res, the participants swore to ran as if their lives depended on it. On your mark…, get set…, go! Imagine for a moment that life was an actual race and like told as a child, there is a distinct starting point and finish line. No cheating allowed. So...

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