The Role of Politics in America

Yes, politics in the USA has changed.

As much as people are still divided along political lines of democrats and republicans, they are more accommodating to the views of others. They now embrace the opinions of others rather than just tolerating each other. However, there is still much to do to bridge the gaps that exist.

Are Americans, especially college students, aware of what is going on in politics and government?

No. people blindly follow political ideologies and parties, without considering the exact views their parties hold and the views of the alternative party. They believe and advocate for the views their parties and ideologies present without taking the time to acknowledge the opinions and views of others.

Do you think there is a need for this type of club on campus for college students?

Yes. College students are young minds that can prove reasonable beyond political moves. College is a time to nurture and prime the mind to accommodate views and ideas pertaining different issues. Therefore, promoting open-mindedness at this time is essential. It will nurture people who are of sound mind and reasoning instead of blind followers devoid of any knowledge of what they stand for.

Do you think there is a need for this type of club for your campus?

Yes. Such a club speaks of a deliberate decision and effort to bridge the gap between political groups with ideological differences. This kind of club will represent more than just political connection it shows the willingness to sort differences brought by a variety of factors. It shows that people can work through their differences no matter the source.

What did you learn about politics and government from this article?

Politics is more than just popularity and influencing the muscles. Political leaders and the government have to be willing to unite people in spite of their differences. They should accommodate the views of others and not brush them off as invalid just because of ideological disparities.

What did you learn about yourself as a voter and as a college student from the article?

As a college student, I have a role to play in enhancing the democracy in my country. I should make it my point to learn everything I can pertaining politics and the process of electing leaders. I should not follow blindly parties I consider popular. Another lesson is that even college students can influence the views of others and revolutionize others within their reach.

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