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Cross Cultural Training Strategies for Effective Internal Business Growth in Hospitality Industry

Writing a thesis is a solitary job Someone told me when I was still at the beginning of this research. At that point I was of the opinion that this statement was slightly dramatic and exaggerated. As I proceeded with the thesis, however, I realized that perhaps there was something...

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Working with elementary school children

Working with elementary school children is one of the most critical elements of teaching in early childhood segments of learning institutions. While a number of issues are important in such a perspective, the establishment of quality teacher-child relationships is most fundamental. Quality teacher-child relationship is critical in the prediction of...

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Energy and Waste Management

Through my specialism in management, I have learnt much about effective supply chain management and how it can significantly impact the day to day running of a firm or institution. For this report, I shall be investigating how the control of DCU can instigate changes in their supply chain that...

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Zara and H&M Comparative Analysis on Brand Strategy

This section provides the results of the study that was undertaken the previous sections with reference to Zara and H M in United Kingdom. As such, the section is organised in three portions, including brand loyalty, brand strategy, and financial brand equity. The summary section provides findings on the UK...

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Recast and Language Development

The purpose of this study is to examine how a child aged between 25 to 26 months progressively responds to recast during the early years of language development. Further, the research seeks to employ a case study of a polish child to establish how recast, as a corrective technique, affects...

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Impacts of Terrorist Attacks on People's Perception of London as a Touristic Destination

The purpose of the research is to evaluate the impacts of terroristic attacks on people’s perception of London as a tourism destination. The problem which the study intends to solve is to gauge the possibility of terror attacks affecting the London’s tourism especially noting that the industry employs several people...

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The Impact of PropTech on the Real Estate Industry

The process of developing and marketing properties in the mid-1990s was a business model that was considered impossible to change (Glascock, 2014, p. 25). Constructions firms designed urban landscapes, whereas real estate firms profited from the profit market. In the American construction industry, technocrats developed innovative ideas of engaging their...

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Factors Influencing the Parental Choice of Sending Children to Private Schools

The policy that encouraged private and public schools to compete against one another in the education markets globally has contributed greatly to the widening choice and increased levels of attainment by the students. Despite the fact that there have been different studies on the factors that influence the parental choice...

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Summary of the Research Resources I Will Use to Support Conclusions in the Healthcare Management Capstone Paper

Summary of Resources for Healthcare Management Research The paper entails a summary of the resources I plan on using to support conclusions in the Healthcare Management Research Capstone paper. Selecting the right resources for research can be challenging, and there are several options available for the task. 1. Books Books are the first...

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Research Approach

The Methodology Segment The methodology segment provides the blueprint of how the data collection and the analysis will be done in the study. The section in this dissertation is based on Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill (2012) s methodology onion. The onion approach provides a chronological overview of how the research is...

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Literacy Resources for Primary School Teachers

The following research methodology looks into the models that were used to conduct a content analysis for the literacy resources for the primary school sources. The research was used to ensure that there are better and more efficient resources that primary school teachers could have in the society. The application...

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Medical Records

The electronic medical record (EMR) refers to a paperless storage of medical records. It contains all medical history of a given patient from one practice. There is no use of papers or physical records when it comes to patient’s record keeping, but all medical information is kept on a digital...

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