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The Impact of Technology on Critical Thinking

The latest years have seen great improvements and developments in the technological field with the invention of various software and hardware like phones and laptops with updated technology. The invention of the internet is a big part of this technology. It has become an indispensable part of people's lives and...

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Why Reading Matters

For a long period of time reading has been perceived to be a worthy exercise. It is probably one of the most valuable and wholesome activities that one can engage in. This is because it is through reading that one can is able to discover new concepts, ideas, people and...

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Creating a Study-Life Balance as a Student

One of the biggest determinants of success in an individual’s life is time management. This is even more important when I am a student; whether attending online classes or offline. As important as it is, however, time management is not an easy task for a student. It can prove to...

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World Englishes

The world has in the recent past experienced the spread of English as the language of communication and therefore earning itself the title of a global language. The spread of the English language has however stimulated interesting and controversial debate about the status and varieties of English which are commonly...

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Nutrition and Academic Performance

The academic performance of students can be improved by altering their eating habits, through the inclusion of healthy snacks in their daily routines. According to the research study conducted by Anderson, Justin " Elizabeth (62), it was determined that eating healthy diets and maintaining physical body activity can help in...

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Benefits of Small Class Size

Research on elementary pupils at school shows that small classes constitute not more than twenty students whereas, students in high school, the composition of the class is bigger than lower classes. There are some similarities and distinctions in what determines small or large classes of college writing institutions. On top...

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The Importance of Language in British Universities

British universities’ higher qualifications and education have an impressive international reputation. Students in these universities can develop their skills and potential as they enjoy a social life. Students who study in these universities also develop good language skills. British universities provide international students with language support depending on the level...

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Effect of Peer Victimization on School Delinquency

The recent incidences of school have sparked interest in research to determine the effect of this behavior on delinquency within the learning institutions. According to the article, peer victimization plays a significant role in bringing about strain, which consequently manifests itself in school delinquency. The study found out that physical...

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Should the Government Offer Tax Credits for the Purchase of Hybrid or Alternative

I chose this specific topic because I believe is in an important topic that should be discussed widely. Use of hybrid or alternative energy vehicles is one of the main goals to be implemented in the climate policy in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore in trust that the...

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The Reliability of

The website I commonly use is This is a Do-It-Yourself instructions website that teaches or shows innovators what to do in order to come up with something unique by using various easy to find materials. The items made, taught and displayed on the website range from recipes to robots....

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Cybercrime and Cybersecurity

Cyberspace is significant in ensuring connectivity in the world in different ways such as economically, socially and culturally. The global connectivity of cyberspace has exposure it to various forms of harm, reducing the security and privacy in the cyberspace (Li et al., 2015). Cybercrime has increased incredibly involving computer and...

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The Discovery of the Telomerase Enzyme

According to Leonard Hayflick, typical human cells are mortal and have a limit to the much they can replicate, and the older cells often reach the replication limit earlier than younger cells. The Hayflick limit has a direct correlation to the number of DNA repeats that are found at the...

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