LEED Term Project

LEED used to be developed by the United States Green Building Council. It is a framework for identifying, implementing, and measuring green building and nearby design, construction, operations, and maintenance. It is a voluntary, market drive, consensus-based tool that serves as a guideline and assessment mechanism. Its ranking systems address…

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Building Classification Project

Topic: Apply constructing codes and standards to the building process for giant building projects Part 1: Classifying constructing and type of construction Task 1.1 (Building Classification) Criteria to decide the classification of buildings The classification of buildings or components of buildings relies upon on the purpose for which it is…

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Architecture Project: Market Hall

A market hall is an open space which is ordinarily meant for conducting business activities and in some cases civil functions. I can also be referred as a marketplace. Market halls have a historic origin in Great Britain from the 1620s2. The proper and mandate to build and very own…

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Wind Energy Site Planning

In architecture, a site plan is a detailed engineering drawing that proposes special kinds of improvements on a precise lot. It usually shows the footprints of the journey ways, building, parking, sanitary sewer lines, lighting, drainage facilities, and the garden elements. In simple terms, a site plan is a graphic…

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Interview Project of International Family

I had an interview with Cate (not her actual name) a 24-year-old Korean studying and living in U.S related to the culture of Korea in comparison to that of U.S. after the onset of our interview; it used to be clear to me that the Korean customs are based upon…

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Interview Project of International Family

This interview is a component of the International Family Project that’s supported an Indian family that has lived in America for the past ten years. Laura and that i met during the Summer Camping in New Jersey a year ago. once we first met, I wasn’t sure if she would…

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about mary reid kelley

Mary Reid Kelley is a New York-based American artist whose career has mostly focused on short narrative films. She was born in Greenville, but her work has since spread to other large cities in the United States. Mary is known to collaborate with her husband Patrick Kelley on all of…

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Patronage is the support, monetary encouragement that is given an individual by these in power or those who have economic influence in the society in order to support the initiatives of those who may now not have the insufficiencies of funds. Today, it may refer to the political support that…

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The Human Brain Project

One of the matters that I have found fascinating in the materials from this classification up to this point is The Human Brain Project, which was listed in Session 1, under Web Links and Resources. For instance, in the presentation that Prof. Henry Markram gave, he mentioned that the brain…

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Payment and Contracts

Time is an incredibly critical contract factor. It is advisable to only designate one team in a single contract with time constraints. One team is more organized, so productivity is available. Time allows you to plan ways to collaborate. The dedication should be considered whether contracts should be signed and…

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Individual Project Comm 12: Intercultural Communication

The Jok Ochieng’ are a coastal humans with a very rich historical and cultural heritage. They descend from amongst the earliest Cushitic nomads who inhabited the West African coast. The Cushitic community was joined by way of Nilotic ethnic groups, including the Oloibon, with whom they interacted leading to blended…

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