Planning as a Learning Skill of Students

Planning and Time Management

Planning is a group work ability I'd like to improve because it has the capacity to influence the outcome of processes and projects. According to Saunders (2017), based on our natural brain talents, planning might be a difficult task. As a result, it is best to master the task by recognizing one's own skills and weaknesses. This should enable good prioritization and time management. In some ways, planning will be easier when one understands the things that they are naturally strong at and others that they find challenging. Thereby allocating their time between tasks in order of priority as well as in reference to how much time will be needed to complete a specific work. This means that time management is crucial for planning (Chuvgunova, 2016) and doing this on a regular basis will eventually help in perfecting the skill of planning.

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The Importance of Rapport in Dementia Care

It is interesting how the author defines how a good rapport is formed under the presented circumstances. The importance of this is for the reader to understand its necessity as well as its importance. The forum is also educative in portraying the manner in which care givers handle people with dementia given how sensitive the illness is. It is also my opinion that the author of the post is more patient oriented in that most of the actions being communicated are in line to providing the most comfortable environment to the patient or resident. This is a good thing as it allows for non-carers to learn on how to handle individuals with dementia. For instance, Walsh (2006) emphasizes on using the abilities the resident still has as a means of engaging with them. This is well pointed out in the post.

Question 2

Techniques for Building Interpersonal Relationships in Online Classes

Technology has today granted us diverse privileges that only seem to make life easier. One such privilege is that of online communication that also allows for online classes. However, given that interpersonal communication through online platforms are not the same as face-to-face communication, some techniques to use for a more positive relationship between online students include the following. Dai (2007) encourages the use of positive and engaging tones by posting fun but educative information. There is also the use of open communication through emails to encourage interaction between students. Online students can also be encouraged to engage regularly within and outside their courses (Broderick, n.d.). This is a great way to network and also get to know each other. Given the above, it can mean that most of the techniques encourage constant interactions.

Interpersonal communication in a virtual environment, such as online discussion boards, is quite different from face-to-face communication. Suggest a few techniques to build positive interpersonal relationships among online students.

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Effective Group Communication

Carla, your post is informative in that I was able to learn something from it. It achieves this through the progressive manner in which the details of the information have been laid out. Of particular interest is how you choose to describe what an effective group communicator has to achieve and furthermore, how to do so effectively. I like how the information is not all over the place making it easier for the reader to connect the line of thoughts that you have connected throughout the entire post. I choose to believe that by referencing Cottrell (2013) on how supportive groups ought to be constructive, supportive and kind; you are in a way communicating the same need within our very own groups. This, amongst the aforementioned is yet another reason this post is educative.


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