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It is considered one of the most difficult tasks to handle, yet there is no need to give up when you have our free essay samples that can help you with your paper. Rhetorical writing must use words and certain phrases to either persuade or inform the target audience about an issue that must be brought to attention. Check our paper samples to see how an idea is introduced in the beginning and supported with due evidence. The persuasion strategy must sound confident and clear to your readers regardless of your opinion. Our essay examples serve as the possible starting points, so take your time to choose your nearest topic and explore the rhetorics as you brainstorm your ideas.

Effective Leadership Demonstration

The idea of leadership dominates contemporary society. An individual's success is closely linked to personal discipline, representing in turn leadership skills. In different organisations, leaders will influence others to achieve favorable results (Judge and Piccolo, 2004)). But it is important to think creatively and objectively in accordance with the various...

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Adolescent Males’ Recidivism Rate in Georgia Program Analysis

Youth who adopt pessimistic views of the justice system are more likely to be involved in criminal activity. When people are connected to the legal system, they believe that it is legitimate to comply with the decrees. In the other hand, they feel free to breach the law if they...

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Physiological Psychology;Personal Development

The explanation of the new things learned in the eight modules is in this article. In addition, there are realistic situations that are read from books, the internet, discovered from schools, outside of class, in personal life, seen on TV, read newspapers, magazines, and other sources, either really happened. In...

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Real Leadership

Authentic leadership Authentic leadership refers to a way to lead people frankly and to the views and insight of the problems and issues concerned as followers. The essence of authentic leadership is ethical, other people s thoughts and ideas matter to a leader. A true leader does not get influenced by...

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effective leadership demonstration

The current economic condition presents visible obstacles to companies due to the lack of funding required for proper management. Several organizations are subject to decisive action as a result of budget cuts, limited government funding assistance and other associated financial pressures in order to find a balance between the interests...

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Mentorship and Leadership

The desire to pass on wisdom and expertise to others is the basic tenet of leadership. Great leaders in history have made it a priority to build and evolve others into leadership roles. A mentor is a guide, a consultant, a teacher, and a teacher (Sinha, Chazal, Guide:...

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Evaluating Your Sources

It is necessary to use references in an article while collecting ideas and facts to help validate a case and show the writer's experience and understanding. Essays are necessary where evidence is given that one's writing does not depend on personal experience but is based on the thorough knowledgeable specific...

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Rhetorical reading response "Context"

Dorothy Allison’s Essay Background: Understanding the Importance of Context and Personal Awareness Dorothy Allison writes in her essay Background (1994) that understanding a person well and thoroughly is based on and necessitates personal awareness of their childhood and social life. The essay was written as a memoir in order to focus...

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about white privilege

White privilege has been a contentious and complex subject that has seen a lot of coverage around the world in recent years. White supremacy refers to the privileges that white people in culture have that non-white people do not (Halley, Eshleman & Vijaya, 2011). We now live in a world...

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Ethical Relativism's Moral Disagreement

Ethical Relativism Ethical relativism asserts that an individual's ethics are influenced by different cultures and norms to which he or she subscribes. Many psychologists believe in ethical relativism, claiming that people differ on moral matters from time to time and that morality concepts are therefore merely relative. The majority of proponents...

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Zionism is a political movement that is both secular and religious.

Following national movements such as Buddhists and Zionists, different facets of Jewish life in Europe undergone a revolution in the mid-nineteenth century. The acts posed a collection of conflicting ideas among the Jewish people on issues such as nationhood, ethnicity, and civilizational problems. Prior to that, the Jews had to...

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Plato's Influence on Plotinus' Thoughts

In the year 204 AD, a Greek philosopher named Plotinus was born in Egypt. He founded Neo-Platonism and is considered one of the greatest philosophers of antiquity. He closely followed Plato's teachings and philosophies as the founder of Neo-Platonism, believing that they contained many truths. Plotinus combined contemplation, philosophy, mysticism,...

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