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Authentic leadership refers to a way to lead people frankly and to the views and insight of the problems and issues concerned as followers. The essence of authentic leadership is ethical, other people’s thoughts and ideas matter to a leader. A true leader does not get influenced by what other people do, but stands alone and trusts in his ideas and those around him. He feels that executing ideas in a different way is all right. Openness is a primary aspect for any leader who wants to remain authentic as there is the trust factor that comes with being open to the ones who follow you.
Leadership Practices
Leadership practices play a significant role in retaining employees in any workplace set up, so it is important to have an authentic leader for the harmonious function ability of any institution. In the b workplace, many people have different ideas and opinions on what is going on. Having a leader that listens to the people encourages togetherness and openness among the workmates because they have confidence that their best interests matter to the one in authority. Openness is a leadership practice that supports the workplace to thrive and become successful as everything is straight forward and there is nothing to hide. People have the freedom of expression, and there is no need to hide when there is something that is wanting (Wong & Laschinger, 2012). Pointing out issues and hearing each other ensures that there is minimal room for errors and maximum room for improvement.
Remaining interested in what the people around you have to say and offer rather than being interesting (Mundahi, 2016). When a leader shows that he can let go of his self-importance and need to be interesting because he is interested in the people they demonstrate that they can be humble also. Focusing on others is an incredible leadership practice that shows others that just because they may not be leaders, it does not make them any less of a person. A leader should always be themselves for everyone as that is the key to being authentic. Anyone who fakes who they may be will end up suffering the consequences of identity fraud, and that is not good leadership practice (Mundahi, 2016).
Authentic Leader
Various approaches to authentic leadership should be in consideration, and one is being the one to tell how maneuvering life has been as opposed to promoting the brand that the leader represents. Two it is good to make sure that leaders do not take themselves too seriously and laugh at themselves. The approach of not being too serious breaks the cold walls that some leaders create by being too rigid and perfectionist who take themselves too seriously. Another unusual approach is making sure that as a leader the circle is genuine and not full of people who only want to please the leader. Having honest people around will always make a leader even greater as it humbles them and keeps them level-headed.
Positive Outcome
Productivity is one of the benefits of being open as a leader in the workplace. The people who look up to a leader find it relieving that they can share their concerns and ideas and that their inputs count. The workers have the right will to perform because of a conducive workplace.
Overall, there is need for people to understand the importance of leadership practices within an organization. That knowledge will help define the authenticity of leadership, which may be beneficial in executing roles such as retaining employees. Equally, an authentic leader often achieves positive outcomes towards helping an organization develop as desired.

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