Essays on Entrepreneurship

GM Motors: Market Failure Analysis

The strength of any company lies in how well it can produce and deliver very unique and specific commodities that no one else in the market. GM Operates in the highly competitive market and the absence of focus makes it quite vulnerable. The management has become distracted and scattered trying...

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The US Small Business Administration and Small Business Development Programs

The increasing competitiveness of large companies against small businesses led the US Congress to pass Acts that established programs to protect and help small businesses grow. Through such programs, small businesses are given a chance to secure contracts with the federal government and boost their development (Bail, 2009). The programs...

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Expansion of Lyft in South Korea

As a result of the strict control that the South Korean government has on the public transport system coupled with an organized private taxi sector, for ride-hailing companies like Uber the market has proven both difficult and expensive to enter. If Lyft seeks to expand into the South Korean market...

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Analysis of the Contracts

The contract for the sales of goods fails to provide an opportunity in case either party wishes to terminate the contract. There is a possibility that either the seller or the buyer might desire to terminate the contract based on a number of reasons which include: the buyer finding another...

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The TripAdvisor Star Rating System

In respect to classification, stars are mostly used to classify products and services, e.g. hotels and restaurants regarding quality and quantity or a combination of both (Gavilan, Avello, " Martinez-Navarro, 2018, p. 54). Ratings get assigned once a service or product gets assessed and its value correctly determined (Phillips, et...

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Introduction to Amazon Company

Amazon is an American electronic commerce and global computing company in Seattle, Washington in the USA. The corporation is an expertise colossal under the metrics of market capitalization. It has grander sales and it is operational by the aid of using a website which is the business platform. Moreover, the...

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Sustainability of Guadalupe

Guadalupe is a restaurant that deals with first food. It has maintained its reputation of producing fresh, handmade burritos that always attracts many students and other individuals who visit the Maggie Benson Centre. Guadalupe is located within the proximity reach of students hence it serves as an essential place where...

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The Impact of Twitter Salary on Its Success

Do you think levels of pay contribute to Twitters success? I think the salary levels of Twitter have contributed to the success of the organization. Talented people in business are highly sought out given the contribution that they bring to the organization. They are the persons that are skilled in...

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The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility in Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is a multinational technology company that specializes in computing technologies such as laptops, desktops, mobile phones and music players. The company has made a brand for itself with it having its products having an “i” before the name of the product and has become a global standard. Some...

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Tyco Scandal: The Rise and Fall of a Corporate Giant

Romero, Jonathan. Tyco Corporate Scandal of 2002 (Ethics Case Analysis). Panmore         Institute, 25 March 2017,    analysis. Accessed 12 March 2018. In his article on the scandal that faced Tyco in 2002, Romero starts by recognizing the company as a big company that grew due to numerous acquisitions. Afterwards, he...

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A Case Study of Adacel Technologies

Adacel is one of the leading and the main developers of cutting-edge software programs. The company was established in 1987 in Canada where its headquarter is situated. The company has built up a long history of accomplishment in the airplane business. Adacel products and services center around three primary qualities...

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Business Model Canvas

A business ideal canvas is a means that allows for strategic management and entrepreneurship. With the business model canvas, the business can be subdivided into smaller understandable and comprehensive segments or sub-divisions. The business canvas model makes it possible for a business to outline and describe its design, weakness, and...

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