Essays on Entrepreneurship

The Impact of Subsidiary Autonomy on Network Relationships

Within the corporate domain, most multinationals and SMEs have realised that organisational control is very important to the existence because it provides the necessary managerial functionalities to keep the corporation fully functional. Organisational control has ensured that that is the responsive application of the company's strategic goals while ensuring that...

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Wine trading, production and consumption

Wine trading, production, and consumption have in the past decade undergone significant development. The growth in the international wine trade is an indication of the ever-improving consumer demand across the globe. During the 2007-2008 global financial crises, the wine market around the world declined by an estimated 3.7% and this...

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Growth of Electronic Word of Mouth and Online Review Services

This chapter underlines a critical analysis of current literature material on the topic under study. The section outlines and discusses E-retailer sustainability via electronic word of mouth (eEWM). Additionally, the paper analyses the growth of online reviews services and electronic word of mouth. Analysis of the effects and impacts of...

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The Impact of Non-Financial Factors on the Success of Start-Ups

The study is on the investigation of different start-ups and how the same plays out between the different genders. In this study the researcher will adopt mixed methods of research. This means that the researcher will adopt both qualitative and quantitative methods (Creswell, 2013). The qualitative methods will be adopted...

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The Degree of Interdependence Between Gender and Business Start Up Success

The research methodology proposed for the present research will define logical steps and research methods used to solve the research problem, as well as to achieve the proposed research objectives and to illustrate how the research question(s) will be answered. With the choice of a research philosophy, approach, strategy, and...

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Gymmys Kitchen Business Plan

The report contains a proposal of a business plan for Gymmys Kitchen takeaway. The establishment which will be designing healthy meals in addition to provision of meal delivery services to various destinations in Macau. The aim of the business is to deliver delicious food which is natural and has low...

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Third party logistics

The rapid changes in the business environment have prompted complexities and unpredictability in doing business. Many companies, therefore, change their business processes and structures to accommodate the changes in the business environment and sustain competition. There has been a notable growth of interest in third-party logistics (3PL) for many companies...

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The Impact of PropTech on the Real Estate Industry

The process of developing and marketing properties in the mid-1990s was a business model that was considered impossible to change (Glascock, 2014, p. 25). Constructions firms designed urban landscapes, whereas real estate firms profited from the profit market. In the American construction industry, technocrats developed innovative ideas of engaging their...

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The Importance of Musical Instruments in Today's Music Industry

The paper presents research on what it takes to become successful in today's music industry. The focus of the study will be on the need for a musical instrument as a factor contributing to success in today’s music industry. Music has existed from the start of mankind thus is a...

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The Relationship Between Human Capital and Entrepreneurial Innovativeness

The objective of this study is to identify what elements of human capital determine entrepreneurial innovativeness and how the identified variables affect them individually regarding the intent to start own ventures. A total of eight interviews were conducted with a focus group and the individuals. The data was analyzed by...

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Impact of the Internet on Small and Medium Enterprises in the United Kingdom

The main aim of the research study was to critically assess the impact of the internet on SMEs in the United Kingdom. The study embraced the descriptive survey design to explain the impact of the internet on SMEs in the UK. The study found that the use of internet among...

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Work Breakdown Structure and Project Scope

The completion of a project is a series of steps involving planning and implementation. One must first have an idea of what the project is all about, think through the possible implementation steps and procedures in order to prevent or block the loopholes for failures. All projects are viable but...

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