Essays on Reasoning

Logical Fallacies

Logical Fallacies Logical fallacies, which are simply described as "mistakes in reasoning," can be done on purpose or accidentally, but they are typically used when we "deceive ourselves that we are making a strong argument when we have actually lost our way, somehow." (Wheeler). Upsetting as Readers and Viewers It is upsetting as...

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Guided Critique of a Research Study

Is there enough information in the title and introduction to tell what the study is about? Do they pique your curiosity in the subject? What is your reasoning? If you don't like the title, make one up. Yeah, the title accurately describes the study. It provides sufficient information about the study's...

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The Different Types of Reasoning

Rational Thinking Rational thinking involves the application of facts, competent analysis, and sound judgment in order to come to an informed decision. It also involves a systematic and orderly sequence of steps, credible arguments, and logic. However, rational thought is sometimes constrained by social factors, emotional influences, and practical considerations. When...

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