Essays on Leadership Styles

Assessment of leaders

Leadership Self-Assessment The ability of a person or organization to not only lead but also guide other individuals or groups is referred to as the practical talent of leadership (Dubrin, 2013). The leadership self-assessment exams are thoroughly examined in this essay. Analysis of the self-evaluation Since a leader plays multiple…

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Effective Leadership

It has been a mixed outcome following my interactions with diverse people on and off the workplace. Even as there is need for tolerance resulting from cultural and ethnic differences, I strongly follow certain routes, patterns to carry out my Responsibilities. So over time, I have come to terms with…

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The relationship of Transformational Leadership

A relationship is said to be transformational when it consists of leaders and followers who are committed to each other. Organizations place premium emphasis on the trainings they give managers with the goal of promoting transformational relationship. This is to say that transformational relationship happens when leaders of teams can…

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Omnipotent and symbolic leadership styles

The approach of leadership is one of the most important part of any organization. The success of the organization depends on the type of leader it has. Finkelstein, Hambrick & Cannella (2009) defined leadership as a type of authority accorded to a person by their followers or subordinates. The literature…

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