Effective Leadership

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It has been a mixed outcome following my interactions with diverse people on and off the workplace. Even as there is need for tolerance resulting from cultural and ethnic differences, I strongly follow certain routes, patterns to carry out my Responsibilities. So over time, I have come to terms with the fact that accessing people just by looks and appearance can be quite misleading. People’s potentials, character traits, strengths, and weaknesses could prove a hard nut to crack, if they appear different in their outward look, conduct and behavior. My leadership styles are a reflection of my many interpersonal experiences, and I see myself to be a successful person with very strong ethics, values guiding my day to day conduct and intrapersonal reasoning. There are instances I have had to meet someone offsite for a meeting scheduled regularly. In some occasions, a person with whom I should meet reports _x0093_30_x0094_ minutes late and does not make a call. When such a person reports, instead of making a formal apology, he cracks a joke pointing out how he has forgotten his project documents. I try to be livid and strain to keep my displeasure over such persons inside me. In fact, if my feelings were to be aired aloud, it would expose my bitter shock about such a person_x0092_s frequent lateness, disorganization and unreliability.
In most cases I feel that working with people who don_x0092_t keep time, honor appointments and plan properly is difficult. I tend to think that such people are irresponsible and do not share in my work ethics. My core values are Punctuality, organization and preparedness, which reflects a gold color temperament in leadership. However, I have learnt that if were to understand other people well, I would change my approach, tolerate, express my point and it would be easy to work with all and sundry.

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