Essays on Citizenship

In your citizenship essay, you can explore different aspects of citizenship and how to acquire it. Citizenship essays define citizenship as one of the main concepts that indicate the belonging of a person to a certain state, from this connection arise the mutual rights and obligations of the state and its citizen, their responsibility to each other. Each country independently determines the set of rights and obligations that citizens have to follow, so many essays on citizenship explore or compare citizenship of different countries. Citizenship as social status is given from the moment of birth. Sometimes people change it, choosing another country for permanent residence. Feel free to go through our citizenship essay samples below. Hopefully provided essay samples will give you some ideas to include in your essay!

The DREAM Act and the DACA Program

Immigration Policies and the DREAM Act Immigration policies have been used to define the social and political stability of many countries. In the US, several immigrants are undocumented. Over 1.3 % of the US population are illegal immigrants (Pang et al., 185).The DREAM Act policy introduced in 2001 to cover those...

Words: 2438

Pages: 9

The Natural Born Citizen Clause: The Controversy

The Natural Born Citizen Clause Natural Born Citizen Clause is a clause contained in the United States’ constitution requiring anybody aspiring to hold the office president and vice president to fulfill. This clause was intended to protect America from foreign influence (Maskell 2). This clause has been contentious since the USA...

Words: 1335

Pages: 5

The Natural Born Clause and the Immigration Debate

Article II of the U.S constitution states that no individual other than a natural born citizen is eligible to take up the office of the president. The election of 2009 becomes the first presidential election in the history of America where questions regarding the citizenship were raised for both major...

Words: 1251

Pages: 5

The Complexities of Citizenship in the United States

Complexities of Citizenship in America: A Formal Standing or a Lived Experience? The United States of America is comprised of a population of citizens of different skin color, origins, and cultures. The mix is owed to the history of the country tracing back to the New World period, the slave trade,...

Words: 1458

Pages: 6

The Changing Demographics of Texas

The Changes in Population The changes in population in the state of Texas are demonstrable by a consideration of documented demographics from census and population estimations provided by the US census bureau. Population Estimates of 2016 The population estimates of 2016 show that the majority of residents in Texas are whites, numbering about...

Words: 911

Pages: 4

The Effects of Racial Profiling on Identity and Citizenship

In this paper, Leti Vollp seeks to answer the question of identity and citizenship of the Middle-Eastern people. She states that the September 11 attack on the United States brought about the creation of a new stereotype against the people who appear Middle-Eastern, Muslim, or Arab as terrorists and their status...

Words: 601

Pages: 3

Cohabitation Instead of Marriage and "The Origins of the Ambivalent Acceptance of Divorce"

The Changing Institution of Marriage The institution of marriage has gradually changed in today's culture. A marital partnership has preserved the nuclear family. Marriage always had a specific purpose, whether it was for establishing a person's legal, societal, or financial stability, legalizing their relationship or procreation, expressing their love in public,...

Words: 1612

Pages: 6

Executive Order 13769

I concur that the Executive Order 13769 was issued with the purpose of providing American citizens with jobs. However, as you noted, it appears to disregard the plight of immigrants and refugees who might have been compelled to flee their home countries. More precisely, it appears to support racial profiling,...

Words: 276

Pages: 2

The issues of inclusion, exclusion, and segregation on the basis of race

The problems of racial inclusion, exclusion, and segregation are not new to American culture. Racial and ethnic identities were separate and determined naturalization, according to the first constitution, which the people ratified in 1790. Whiteness was a requirement for citizenship in the US; other races, such as the slaves, who...

Words: 1541

Pages: 6

Comprehensive Immigration Reform with a Pathway to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants should be enacted by the Congress.

One of the most urgent problems in the modern social, economic, and political landscape is the situation of undocumented immigrants. Many Americans have been thinking about the rhetoric regarding the influx of undocumented immigrants in the United States. Final screening and the construction of a border wall may reduce the...

Words: 2945

Pages: 11

Justice System and Crime Prevention Measures

The exercise of one's civil rights is a crucial factor in determining how nationalist a citizen will be in the process of creating the federal government. The criminal justice system has made an effort to start a procedure that will allow it to reduce the likelihood of convicts returning to...

Words: 2379

Pages: 9

State, Individual Relationship

The term power has sparked much debate and discussion as a concept that governs daily life in a variety of ways. Various politicians, philosophers, and academics have attempted to debate and develop the definition of the phrase over the years. Regardless matter how power is defined, the common thread is...

Words: 2416

Pages: 9

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