Essays on Citizenship

In your citizenship essay, you can explore different aspects of citizenship and how to acquire it. Citizenship essays define citizenship as one of the main concepts that indicate the belonging of a person to a certain state, from this connection arise the mutual rights and obligations of the state and its citizen, their responsibility to each other. Each country independently determines the set of rights and obligations that citizens have to follow, so many essays on citizenship explore or compare citizenship of different countries. Citizenship as social status is given from the moment of birth. Sometimes people change it, choosing another country for permanent residence. Feel free to go through our citizenship essay samples below. Hopefully provided essay samples will give you some ideas to include in your essay!

The three political economies of the welfare state

“The three political economies of the welfare state,” Gosta EspingAndersen. Revue Canadienne de Sociologie/Canadian Review of Sociology 26.1 (1989): 10-36. Synopsis of the Text The article contends that the extensive debate on the welfare state has failed to generate a debate on the real answers concerning the causes and nature…

Words: 451

Pages: 2

An Interview Analysis

The two interviews emphasize the lifestyle contrasts between people with citizenship by birth and those with citizenship via immigration. Both parties immigrated to the country in an effort to pursue the American dream or better economic chances. They come across some difficulties on this mission that they did not expect….

Words: 940

Pages: 4

Status of Puerto Rican Citizenship in America

The main point in chapter four of the book Harvest of Empire is that despite Puerto Ricans’ citizenship status as a member of the US colony, most Americans still view them as aliens (Gonzalez 81). Even though they fought in the Vietnam battles, the Puerto Ricans who took part in…

Words: 319

Pages: 2

about advanced accounting

Businesses are designed to exist in society, and as such, they bear responsibilities to the society in which they operate. As a result, companies plan their activities in such a way that programs targeted at promoting social and environmental well-being are included. As a result, the term is used internally…

Words: 2644

Pages: 10

U.S. Supreme Court Case Summary

Susan Norwick and Tarja Dachinger were foreigners married to US citizens and living in the US in the case Ambach v. Norwick. They were entitled to apply for US citizenship due to their relationship, but they repeatedly declined. Both petitioners meet all of the educational standards and qualifications set out…

Words: 613

Pages: 3

Illegal Immigration in the US

Although illegal immigrants can be seen as credible and dependable due to the advantages they offer to the US, it is important to understand the unforeseen repercussions that they inflict, which translate into concrete problems. Immigrants, however, should be accepted into American citizenship to mitigate their effect, according to Park,…

Words: 3076

Pages: 12


Immigration is basically the international movement of individuals to a country where they do not have or are not indigenous. Individuals move permanently to live, study or temporary jobs in such countries. Research shows that the reception and sending countries benefit from immigration. For example, it has positive effects on…

Words: 643

Pages: 3

Outile of informative speech

The main aim of the speech is to make it clear to people that participating in the voting process is a hallmark of good citizenship. They should express their loyalty by ensuring that they vote for their chosen representatives in all elections. They should also urge their families, acquaintances and…

Words: 695

Pages: 3

Citizenship Discussion

Citizenship is a circumstance where a person who is identified under the law or customized as a legal member of a sovereign state or a sure nation. One may even have multiple citizenships whilst others are found not to have any citizenship. People besides any citizenship are said to be…

Words: 1327

Pages: 5

Immigration Reforms

Jus soli, or birthright, is a widely contested topic that allows a child born within a nation’s borders to be given citizenship. Any Asian, African, and European countries give the birthright to children of unique immigrants. The selectiveness in which birthrights are allocated has been interpreted as bigotry against such…

Words: 296

Pages: 2

“Self-Reliance and the Duty of Civil Disobedience” is an essay composed by Henry David Thoreau

Self-Reliance and the Duty of Civil Disobedience is an essay written by Henry David Thoreau on the role of civil disobedience in modern society. The thesis examines neighborhood men, the importance of becoming a decent person, and, most notably, the majority’s folly. The philosopher discusses intolerance to inequality, freedom from…

Words: 302

Pages: 2


Different states have an legit language that is used in all its businesses and government workplaces with several having more than one dialect. As a result, the activities in that state such as printing of documents amongst others are done using the legit language. Also, schools and national occasions are…

Words: 1390

Pages: 6

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