Essays on Modern Society

Philosophy that isn’t Western

Philosophical feminism examines the role of gender in the development of cultural practices as well as other non-traditional philosophical issues. Feminism also defines the philosophical concepts that support gender equality and women’s roles in modern society. Feminist social and political philosophies arose from feminist ethics and women’s movements, which were…

Words: 612

Pages: 3

The Effects of Internet on Children

The Internet is a platform that most people in modern society use to perform a variety of tasks. It has recently become one of the most popular networks among children. Some people use it to be more positive, and others use it to be totally harmful. As a result, increased…

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Pages: 2

Identifying a Real-World Event Related to a Song of Solomon Theme

The modern world is full of events, some of which are intolerable to a person, particularly when they consider their family history. The exponential development of capitalism has transformed the human race into a greedy being that is only obsessed with money production and has no regard for family and…

Words: 1962

Pages: 8

About Sexual Harassment against Women in the Workplace

Sexual abuse of female workers is a subject that has received a lot of coverage in the modern world. Women are victims of such abuse because, more frequently than not, they lack control. A vulnerable number of women today belong to the working class, contrary to traditional beliefs that they…

Words: 1657

Pages: 7

Pollution of Environment

The introduction of new or foreign substances into an ecosystem that affects its biological and physical characteristics is referred to as environmental pollution (Levinson et al. 237). Environmental pollution has been a problem in modern society since the 19th century, posing a variety of threats to both plants and animals,…

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Pages: 5

Friendship Expressions

Friendship is the emotional relationship between two persons, by definition, and is generally independent of the partner’s kinship or roots. Friendship was somewhat different from modern culture in medieval Europe. In medieval Europe, unlike in contemporary society, friendship was almost like marriage. Having friends kissing or sleeping together was not…

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Pages: 2

Working vs. Stay-at-Home Mom

Maternity is a problem which affects all moms, whether they work or remain at home in contemporary society. Although some people may think that pregnancy is a healthy, respectful part of life, the truth of the matter is that the difficulties that impact women and their families as a whole…

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Difficulties during Pregnancy for Baby’s Development

However, it is particularly dangerous during pregnancy as it can raise labor and carry a low weight infant. In the modern world, many people feel great stress. Since stress can impact the health of a child adversely, a potential mother should learn to minimize her amount. To relieve the burden,…

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Pages: 2

A Doll House production

A output at Doll House will focus on the problems that today’s culture is misappropriating. In spite of the critical efforts of the old generation to fight for independence they are now, my peers take for granted their freedom in today’s society. This is an enhanced reality of events that…

Words: 338

Pages: 2

About Depression

Depression is one of today’s psychiatric disorders in society and is one of the subjects in the visual media. Cyber Bully is a 2011 film directed by Charles Biname about Taylor Hillridge (Emily Osment), a teenage girl who falls victim to online bullying and retires from spending time with her…

Words: 289

Pages: 2


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