Essays on Modern Society

Ethics in the Pre-Modern World

Ancient and Medieval Cultures: Interaction between Different Places and Cultures Introduction The pre-modern world was characterized by the movement of individuals across places and cultures preferably in pursuit of adventure or economic ventures and here, the encounters with foreign and unfamiliar traditions allowed for the assessment of variances as far as ethics...

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Pages: 5

Society and film producers

In today's culture, the majority of movie makers make movies with theological themes that are good for both Christians and people of other faiths. The concepts found in the majority of biblical tales or historical incidents promote positive moral values in society. The theological themes that are portrayed in the...

Words: 1916

Pages: 7

Eva: Love, Marriage, and Family Affairs of a Young Couple by Gabriela Preissova

The prose work Eva by Gabriela deals with issues of young people's love lives, marriage, families, and religious principles. The unique social issues that are prevalent in his setting are revealed by Gabriela through the use of characters like Eva, Manek, Merissa, and Samko. As it represents the modern society...

Words: 1933

Pages: 8

Cohabitation Instead of Marriage and "The Origins of the Ambivalent Acceptance of Divorce"

The institution of marriage has gradually changed in today's culture. A marital partnership has preserved the nuclear family. Marriage always had a specific purpose, whether it was for establishing a person's legal, societal, or financial stability, legalizing their relationship or procreation, expressing their love in public, fulfilling their religious obligations,...

Words: 1565

Pages: 6

Personal Evaluation on Survival

The main reason, or rather cause, of the shift in ideology and thought in the contemporary environment is the development of new technology. The introduction of technology in the 20th century caused a great deal of things and human behavior to change dramatically, greatly affecting how people spend their lives....

Words: 1094

Pages: 4

Warfare and Culture in World History Essay

The emergence of organized infantry masses that demonstrated a sense of community through the use of spears is the subject of Lee s chapter three thesis, Men in Line with Spears. Lee starts off by pointing out how a spear was a complex and practical weapon that was...

Words: 658

Pages: 3

Political Economy in China

Very few economies today are influenced by the existence of political pressure or influence. A nation where important economic choices are made by politicians is China. The national leaders, local chiefs, bureaucrats, and the old administration in China continue to exert significant weight over the distribution of goods and services...

Words: 2682

Pages: 10

Asian American Social and Political Movement

People exist in the modern society. An person, however, worries about what will happen to him or her tomorrow every minute of every day. Everyone is incredibly concerned about what the future contains for them. Despite this, history only considers the past. Given the variety of available and desirable schools...

Words: 3168

Pages: 12

Sexuality and gender identity in modern society

The current essay's literary subject was modern society's attitudes toward sexuality and gender identity. Based on a variety of literary sources, the current essay offered a defense of modern sexuality and gender identity. A. Chen's "The Intersection of Poetry and Human Sexuality" was among the pieces being considered. Different misconceptions...

Words: 1230

Pages: 5

The issue of ethical dilemma

The consumption of tons of plastic through the use of bottled water, which would take a long time to biodegrade, presents a significant environmental ethical conundrum to modern society. (Novotny, et al., 2010). Despite these circumstances, bottled water has a number of environmental and societal problems that start with packaging...

Words: 598

Pages: 3

Jericho History

Jericho is regarded as one of the oldest towns in the modern era. It was one of the villages that was walled off in the Jordan Plain, six miles north of the Dead Sea, in the middle of a palm tree grove. Jericho is also known as "The Date City"...

Words: 1404

Pages: 6

Modern secular state Establishment

The separation of church and state, whereby the church has no influence over the actions of the state and the state does not mandate any religious practices for its people, is a concern of modern secular states. Martin Luther begins his 95 Theses by emphasizing the value of repentance for all...

Words: 651

Pages: 3

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