Essays on Masculinity

Judith (the widow) is one of the literary pieces in the Old English works

Judith (the widow) is one of the literary works of the Old English words that construct a double-gendered hero who differs from the story of the bible of the same woman. Judith is depicted with depictions of comparisons such as a seductress versus a vaginal virgin, pagan versus Christian, and…

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Masculinity in “In Our Time” by Hemingway

Masculinity is described as the state or essence of being manly. Historically, manliness was considered to be natural for a man or male (Wedgwood 330). Ernest Hemingway wrote a vast number of novels, one of which is In Our Day, a collection of various stories that focuses on the subject…

Words: 1687

Pages: 7

Junot Diaz’s The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz is a rock star novel that received the Pulitzer Prize in 2007. The novel centers on the Dominican perspective of the diaspora by the narrator Yunior, who serves as the audience’s eye. Yunior’s narration is a mash-up between Dominican history…

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Focus on Coca Cola’s Pool Boy Advert

Masculinity and feminist elements are prominent in this advertisement. The advertisement features four primary characters. It starts with a sexy, fit middle-aged guy washing up at the swimming pool. A young sexy girl in a nearby building appears to be attracted to the gentleman at the pool. In addition, there…

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Gender roles and traditional attitude

Since most sports are physically challenging and combative, sports have been viewed as a preserve for men. This narrative has turned sports into occasions for furthering the construct of male masculinity. Women are discouraged from participating in athletics because they would desecrate and pervert the nature of the ritual (Messner…

Words: 1512

Pages: 6

The ‘Glass Roses’ short story by Alden Nowlan

Aprova Kala famously said, “Your vision might not be my one.” This quote has a lot of significance in Alden Nowlan’s short story “Glass Roses.” The story’s society has some standards for how masculinity can be portrayed, and they set it as the benchmark for all boys to meet as…

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Hegemonic masculinity and violence

Hegemonic masculinity and aggression have become very common for athletes, especially women. Female athletes are more likely to face the mockery of their bodies than their male peers. It is well recognized that athletes who engage in the capacity of their bodies and exercise consistently yield improved outcomes. The world-famous…

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