Hegemonic masculinity and violence

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Hegemonic masculinity and aggression have become very common for athletes, especially women. Female athletes are more likely to face the mockery of their bodies than their male peers. It is well recognized that athletes who engage in the capacity of their bodies and exercise consistently yield improved outcomes. The world-famous tennis player Serena Williams can be named as an example of this. Like other sporting fields, such as rugby, a lot of players need to use their bodies as a shield to attack their rivals. For example, in hockey and football, the violence can be so intense that an injury can terminate the career of a team member. A lot of athletes blame their trainers for these aggressive tactics. In such a sport as rugby, body masculinity helps the players to perform excellently.

Question 2

Tell me a little bit about your interview subject. Give me some background information about this person, your relationship to this person.

The main subjects of this interview will be the biggest accomplishments and the remarkable achievements of the athlet. Other minor subjects will include the challenges of the sport and how to overcome them and the source of greatest inspiration to continue the career as an athlete. Also, we will discuss the most successful advice ever given to the athlet and any saying or a motto which helps him move ahead in life. We will talk about the character traits that distinguish him from athlets who have wasted their talents and abilities. One other thing that we will discuss will be the supportive advice he can give to the future participants and other people who wish to join athletics.

David Abbott is a famous athlete in the field of football who was born in 1983 in England. He is a professionally trained player who joined the football academy in 1998 with 12 years of experience in both local and international tournaments as a striker. He had a passion for the sport since he was a little child. Therefore, after David’ parents had recognized his talents, they supported him in nurturing those skills and helped him join village clubs as a child. He participated in various leagues, such as National League Top Division and Football League One. We met in Birmingham in the year 2012 at the Coventry beach where we interacted and got to know each other.

Question 3

Now, summarize this person’s specific story that you think connects them to your chosen theme.

Abbott is a victim of male violence, as during one of the international matches he was knocked down by a player intensively and, as a result, suffered a hand fracture. Sadly, the opponent did not face any consequences for such an action. Because of his injury, Abbott was absent from many important games affecting the team’s performance overall. Unfortunately, other teams used this to defeat David’s team. Abbott has faced many challenges in the fields, as the hand fracture has become his weakness.

Question 4

Taking a look at this, what do you think the Major Dramatic Question (MDQ/Level 1 & 2 of thesis) is for this story?

The question is:

Did Abbott’s weakness lead to the downfall and the poor performance of the team and whether the coach will hire another striker to enable the improvement of the team’s performance?

Question 5

Next, after looking at this MDQ, what do you think a possible “big-picture significance” can be?

Hegemonic masculinity has been a good defense for athletes who use it efficiently as opposed to competitors who do not possess it or are not trained to use it. Additionally, it has prevented many players from escaping injuries that could have affected their careers in general. In other areas, such as tennis, it has helped contestants produce better results, as it enables them to maintain their strength as well as put more pressure on their opponents.

Question 6

Write out a bunch of possible questions you plan to ask your subject. Make sure to include both open and closed questions. Also, try to include questions that will point to both the MDQ (from #4) and also the “big-picture significance.”

What are the biggest accomplishments and the ultimate achievements in the fields of sports?

What are the challenges faced and how can one overcome them?

Who has given the greatest inspiration to continue maintaining a career of being an athlete?

Who gave the wisest advice and what was the impact of the advice on the athlete?

Any recommended helpful resources, such as websites and journals?

Any saying or motto which helps in life?

Any helpful advice to the upcoming athletes and other people wishing to join athletics?

The significance of hegemonic masculinity?

The date of birth and the place of birth?

Who is David’s role model?

Question 7

Tell me when you plan on interviewing this person and what recording and transcribing method you will use.

The discussion will take place on February 8, 2017 at the old Trafford football ground at 3 pm. I will use portable digital cameras with zoom H4N to take the best quality pictures during the interview. For the audio recording I will use standard size audio cassettes with microphone jack with fast playback speed which will be useful during the analysis of the data collected. A notepad will be useful for writing down the necessary information in case of another equipment’s failure.

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