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This brilliant novel by Susan Eloise Hinton was published in 1967, but The Outsiders essay writing remains popular to this day. In the novel, we get introduced to orphaned Ponyboy and his two older brothers. Pony’s brothers gave up their education so they could make a living. The problem of responsibility is outlined in many The Outsiders essays. All three of the boys end up in a gang. Essays on The Outsiders follow the story and tell us about the difficult lives of these teenagers, who are entangled in a gang feud. This is a coming-of-age story about social inequality, brotherly love, friendship, inscribed in the history of the conflict between two youth gangs, whose members occupy different levels of the social ladder. If you want some helpful information for your essay, take a peek at our The Outsiders essay samples – we put together a list of samples of best essays for you below.

Ponyboy Curtis as an Outsider: A Case Study from the Viewpoint of Social-Cognitive Theory (Bandura)

Ponyboy Curtis as an Outsider: A Case Study from the Viewpoint of Social-Cognitive Theory (Bandura) A summary of the cognitive development stages that should be taken into account The fifth psychosocial stage of identity vs. uncertainty during the unsettled teenage years is the developmental stage that this paper would focus…

Words: 1769

Pages: 7

Society and Class in The Outsider by S.E. Hinton analysis

The novel The Outsider by S.E. Hinton centers on the disparities between the wealthy and the poor. The book was written in 1967 and is set in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The plot revolves around the competition between two gangs known as Socs and Greaser. Hinton includes a chronological account of events…

Words: 2879

Pages: 11

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