Disgrace: David Lurie’s Change

The book Disgrace is a moving story about a college professor named David Lurie. He is a professor at a technical university in Cape Town, where he teaches a special course on romantic literature. At the time of his presentation, the fifty-two-year-old had already been divorced twice due to brief…

Words: 1218

Pages: 5

Raymond Carver’s “Cathedral” Makes Use of Vision and Insight

Many in the literary community consider Raymond Carver, author of the 1981 short story “Cathedral,” to be a minimalist. Carver’s style is defined in this paragraph. He does not use unnecessarily flowery prose, and when composing, he sticks purely to the truth of the plot. However, through writing in a…

Words: 1476

Pages: 6

An examination of Jesus’ son’s drug use.

Denis Johnson published Jesus’ Son, a book of short stories, in 1992. The intertwining motif of drug use and addiction is an integral plot feature to most, if not all, of the main characters in the novel, which includes the stories “Car Crash While Hitchhiking,” “Emergency,” and “Beverly Home.” This…

Words: 1192

Pages: 5

How to Succeed in Adverse Conditions

Born a Crime is a book published by Trevor Noah in 2016. It reveals how a person can be prosperous after facing adversity in life. It mostly discusses his upbringing from the day he was born, i.e., the struggles he and his family had to face and what inspired him…

Words: 1785

Pages: 7

Germans switch on ‘largest artificial sun’

Hannah Devlin’s article “Let there be light: Germans turn on ‘largest artificial sun’” was published in the Guardian newspaper. The title of the article provides the reader an idea of what the article is about since the author has focused on educating people about a project in which engineers have…

Words: 787

Pages: 3

A Poison Tree by William Blake

A Poison Tree by William Blake describes a personal encounter in which the narrator expresses resentment toward an entity, prompting the narrator to commit murder. The poem circles around a tree, which was used to reflect an individual’s creation of rage. Blake was mostly concerned with the soul of man,…

Words: 1995

Pages: 8

The One Who Caused Rainclouds

The author alludes to the fact that the death arrangements made in The Man Who Would Send Rain Clouds were ridiculous because the atmosphere was not morbid as one would imagine when anyone died. According to the events of the novel, this is a variant of the procedures that take…

Words: 303

Pages: 2

V for Vendetta’s Fascism and Anarchism Study

Throughout his overt novel, Alan Moore encourages his readers to investigate both anarchism and fascism in order to determine their ideal society. Moore writes a story about his main character, V, with great attention to detail. He prompts the viewer to challenge V’s morals. To accomplish this aim, he deftly…

Words: 1702

Pages: 7

the novel ‘Frankenstein

According to Hetherington, the novel Frankenstein was written in 1816 and published in 1818, with romantic themes such as the pitfalls of knowledge and the importance of emotions, the despair of human inability to interfere with one’s own goodness, the agony of looking, the solitary hero, and the irresistible force…

Words: 896

Pages: 4

Analysis of Country Preacher by Sean Dietrich

Sean Dietrich is a great author who has published seven books as well as a number of short stories. I was initially assigned to write an essay on his story The Country Preacher; but, when I started to read his writing, this changed. I was struck by how he never…

Words: 980

Pages: 4

“The Little Prince”

Throughout our journeys, we encounter many people who have an impact on our lives. The plot is used by the writers to illustrate their point. “I saw a most amazing little boy.” In “Little Prince,” the pilot meets the little sovereign, and Little Prince meets a variety of people: the…

Words: 1999

Pages: 8

Obstacles to Virtue in Frankenstein

Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley in the early nineteenth century, tells the tale of a genius, Victor Frankenstein, who creates a man-monster whose name is eventually mispronounced as Frankenstein. Victor makes a beast that he learns to despise after figuring out how to give inanimate objects life (Bissonette 106). The…

Words: 1344

Pages: 5

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