THE SIMPSONS “Bart Sells his Soul”

"Bart Sells His Soul" from THE SIMPSONS "Bart sells his soul," episode 4 of The Simpsons' seventh season, is the episode under consideration for this analysis. The episode's main plot revolves around Bart's rejection of the presence of conscience in humans, which he then sells to Milhouse. The Simpsons go to...

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Pages: 3

English Essay On Equus by Peter Shaffer

There are quite a few themes that have been developed in the play Equus, most importantly the theme of religion and worship. Peter Shaffer continuous to increase this theme from the beginning to the end of the play. Moreover, he uses distinct elements to build the theme starting from the...

Words: 913

Pages: 4

Table of Roles and Functions of Community Health Care

Role or Professional Area Chronic Care Model Component Services Provided Motivation Reimbursable by Insurance Education Needed Professional Organizations City Planner Decision support Provides the plot that shows the best use of land and other geographical resources to promote public health. Ensuring that land and resources used do not pose a health...

Words: 2602

Pages: 10

Where are you going, Where have you been?

Joyce Oates, the author of "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" creates a cast of characters to round out the plot. Connie, an attractive rebellious teen who attracted negative attention from a manipulative outsider, is one of the main characters seen throughout. The most underlying aspect of Connie's...

Words: 868

Pages: 4

Sonny’s Blues Analysis

Sonny's Blues is a short story about a young jazz musician who is arrested because of his drug use. After completing his jail sentence, he is released. Sonny, a young musician, finds it difficult to reintegrate into society, particularly when it comes to reconnecting with his brother. Sonny's involvement with...

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Pages: 4

The Young Man on Sixth Avenue Story

The plot of the story is interesting, and it has been written excellently. The plot surrounds the existence of a young man in a big city. The story gets captivating due to the descriptions that have been made about him and his activities. The storyline further indicates that the young...

Words: 846

Pages: 4

An Essay Testing the Viability of Peter Brooks’ Theory of Narrative Desire in ‘Reading for the Plot’ Based on Specific Examples from ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen

A plot is one of the most critical fundamentals of any form of narrative fiction. Peter Brook emphasizes this aspect and concern in his prose, especially in Reading for the Plot (37). Taking a critical look at the story, there are some elements that Peter Brook tends to draw on...

Words: 1121

Pages: 5

In the plot of the short, story "Godfather Death,"

A father has twelve children in the plot of the short story "Godfather Death." Surprisingly, he has a thirteenth child for whom he cannot afford to provide. This father made the decision to search for a Godfather for his child. This also prefers to reject the devil and the good...

Words: 323

Pages: 2

Started Early, Took My Dog Novel

The poem ’I started out Early-Took my Dog’ would be interpreted as an expression of one’s lack of interaction thus loneliness hence in search of company. But the truth, however, is that the poem depicts no such thing; at least not in particular. From a structuralist’s point of view; Emily...

Words: 870

Pages: 4

Cycle of Hope: A Journey from Paralysis to Possibility

The first clue to the plot of a story is continually the title. I have read a great number of books the place the author had to take the reader deep into twenty pages of reading to realize what the e book was about. Tricia Downing on the other hand...

Words: 584

Pages: 3

Norton Reader Work Analysis

This paper affords an analysis of Joe Franklin’s work “Working at Wendy’s” one of the many literary works in Norton Reader. The purpose is to analyze how well the writer demonstrates narrative techniques and the extent to which narrative diagram has been followed. Nevertheless, the paper delves into strengths and...

Words: 299

Pages: 2

Denver,Sethe and beloved

Toni Morrison's Beloved skillfully delivers on many topics such as slavery, motherhood, ownership,' remembrance,' and so on; maintains a storyline that incorporates incidents from the past and the present; and introduces crucial characters. One of the main characters, Sethe, is a former slave who murdered her child, Beloved. Denver is...

Words: 716

Pages: 3

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