Norton Reader Work Analysis

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This paper affords an analysis of Joe Franklin’s work “Working at Wendy’s” one of the many literary works in Norton Reader. The purpose is to analyze how well the writer demonstrates narrative techniques and the extent to which narrative diagram has been followed. Nevertheless, the paper delves into strengths and weaknesses.
The analysis of Franklin’s work displays that the narrative techniques have been demonstrated on two accounts. First, techniques that tackle key aspects of a narrative including plot structure, use of characters, themes, and author’s point of view. Throughout the work, the narrative exemplifies high quality use of the narrative diagram that divides the narrative into its beginning, middle events, climax, and finally the cease as shown by the plot structure. The narrator employs different characters to showcase different themes while the author’s points of view have been addressed in the present and past tenses. Second, the narrative techniques as evident in the narrative regard use of styles. The author has used styles such as imagery, irony to create virtual pictures of Wendy’s workplace as a reader could imagine as well as irony behind the narrators unfolding life events and circumstances.

In regards to strengths, the author, through the narrative has adequately used his literacy prowess to inform the audience of his concerning messages. For example, through characters, he has aired his views concerning gender support, love, the importance of setting aside pride and responsibility. As to whether there is a weakness in the narrative, personal view is that the reading is quite monotonous. The narrator ought to have presented the narrative in sections either as chapters rather than the long prose. In such a way, an audience would be having an opportunity to integrate, understand, and conceptualize the narrator’s motive in bits.

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