Essays on Literary Genres

What We Have to Lose, a Short Story Written by Theodoe Dalrymple

What we have to lose What we have to lose, a short story written by Theodroe Dalrymple conveys the brutalism expressed by the modern intellectuals in the western countries. The essay that was written shortly after September, 11th, the author mentions how the intellectuals are mercilessly destroying civilization and refuses to...

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Euripides' Bacchae and Williams' Cat: The Aristotelian Tradition of Drama

In what sense could we say / not say that (a) Euripides' "Bacchae" and (b) Williams' "Cat" stand in the Aristotelian tradition of drama? Do you think Aristotle's theory is still relevant today? The Aristotelian tradition of drama Aristotle presents one of the earliest philosophical dissertations on literary theory in his...

Words: 1614

Pages: 6

Analysis of Aristotelian Dramatic Theory in Bacchae and Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Aristotle’s poetic theory was the first philosophical dissertation in the West to center on literary theory, and it is the earliest extant exertion of dramatic theory.  In this theory, Aristotle describes poetry, which in Greek means “making” to explain the domain and context of literary work categories as verse drama;...

Words: 1209

Pages: 5

The Origin of the Gospel Books

Religious and Cultural Backgrounds In religious and cultural backgrounds, fifty years after the crucifixion of Jesus, four evangelists explored Jesus's teachings through historical events. In this regard, the evangelists examined the importance of Jesus's life, his death, and resurrection at large. Eyewitnesses such as Mathew, Peter, and John played a significant...

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Limbo in The Divine Comedy

1. Why are pagan souls dammed in limbo? Describe also the scene with the philosophers. Limbo exist in the first circle of Dante s Hell and it preserved to souls who did not get saved due to natural circumstances. The pagans are dammed in limbo since they did not sin nor...

Words: 1371

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Our Vanishing Night

Verlyn Klinkeborg article “Our Vanishing Night” was published by National Geographic in 2008 that shed light on the excessive use of artificial lighting. Verlyn indicate that artificial lighting is another type of pollution that directly affects ecosystems and humans. Verlyn set the audience of the article as the educated citizens...

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Kant's and Mary Shelley's Views on the Sublime and the Beautiful

Thesis: Kant s book on observation of the sublime and the beautiful contains numerous themes which can be directly compared to Mary Shelley s Frankenstein. Themes in the Kant s What is enlightenment are also deeply in comparison to how Mary Shelley s Frankenstein theme were or not...

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Pages: 10

The Influence of Martin Heidegger on Paul Celan

Paul Celan and Martin Heidegger are well-known writers within the literary circles of the 19th century. Their works were taken in high regards owing to their skills and uniqueness in styles of writing and beliefs. It is worth noting that Celan had much admiration for Heidegger due to his ideas...

Words: 1977

Pages: 8

Ani in The Goose Girl

The Goose Girl is a fairy tale story that talks about Ani who has the life but too terrible she doesn't see it that way. She may be a crown princess and all, however, she wishes her mother also known as the Queen didn't put such a great amount of...

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Character Development through Work

Although most people work to earn money and fund their lives, we should note that work is not all about receiving a paycheck. Some people find work unpleasant and demanding in their lives and therefore, they decide to do whatever they can and utilize whatever chance they can get to...

Words: 1535

Pages: 6

The Passage of Time in Literature

As people move from the past to the future, they are always traveling through time. However, time travel refers to the change of rate that people travel into the future or the reversing of time so that people can travel in the past. Since the 19th century, time travel has...

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Heathers The Musical

Review of "Heathers: The Musical" On March 9, 2018, I had an opportunity to go to John Anthony Theatre and watch “Heathers: The Musical” authored and composed by Kevin Murphy and Laurence O’Keefe and directed by Robin Armstrong. The decor was simple: three blocks and a poster announcing the most anticipated...

Words: 769

Pages: 3

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