Essays on Literary Genres

The nothingness of Faulkner’s current period is astounding. He splits the plot into parts that address family breakup and the frustrations that the Compton family faces. Faulkner, on the other hand, circles around the future and the past, making time an illusion that can only be dealt with by bringing in the oddities and technicalities of time as an aspect of creative expression.

Benjy, the novel’s first narrator, is emotionally ill and therefore unable to estimate time. Time is an illusion to him. He moves back and forth in his thoughts, seeking to link the present and the future, and thereby losing track of the importance of time (Faulkner 12). The author draws…

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the Poem Leda and the Swan analysis

Yeats’ poem tells the tale of Leda, who was raped by Zeus, who then impregnates her and gives birth to Helen of Troy as a result of the ordeal. The poem’s speaker is a reporter who covers the entire tragic event of the case and depicts Leda’s struggle to forget…

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Look by Solmaz Sharif

The battle can be exhilarating, and anyone who has been through it shudders at the mere mention of the word. The consequences of war cannot be ignored because they have an influence on a society’s psychological, moral, and political condition. Modern society is riddled by injustices that are hidden under…

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Adoption is a term that describes the process of adapting to a new meaning, feature, or environment; it can also be interpreted as the transformation of one thing into something else. Adoption, according to Hutcheon (2102), is an alerted version of a text, musical composition, poem, or short story that…

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Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Poe was a well-known author who could write suspenseful and horrifying stories that made the reader’s spine tingle (Flores). Furthermore, he can be known as the author who helped to shape and advance the short-story genre in the world of literature (Flores). Poe was among the first writers to…

Words: 1843

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Female Superheroes in comics depicted as sex toys

Comics and graphic novels have been expressed as distinct popular-culture art forms with the ability to persuade, educate, and shape beliefs and behaviors; they are an art-related enjoyment not available in any other media. Despite the fact that most academics dismiss the value of comics, they have important reflective messages…

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Started Early, Took My Dog Novel

The poem ’I started out Early-Took my Dog’ would be interpreted as an expression of one’s lack of interaction thus loneliness hence in search of company. But the truth, however, is that the poem depicts no such thing; at least not in particular. From a structuralist’s point of view; Emily…

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Zora Neale Hurston in her short story “Sweat” includes the village men who make comments about the society and maintain the reader up-to-date with the events of the village. The men who like sitting at Joe Clarkes Porch hold discussing the happenings of the village and more so the activities…

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The main purpose of this film is to discuss about the disabilities in the Film Forest Gump

The primary goal of this film is to explore the drama movie Forest Gump’s disabilities. The year this film was made was 1994. (Groom 34). This movie is based on a novel that was published in 1986. Disabilities and prejudice are two of the major themes explored in this film….

Words: 1894

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A Sonnet Defining Shakespeare’s Sexuality and Relationship

William Shakespeare was unquestionably the most influential author and playwright of the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. Dramatized novels, poetry, and sonnets are among his most popular and inventive works. One hundred and fifty-four sonnets are credited to William Shakespeare. Between 1929 and 1959, there was an epidemic of the…

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A Raisin in the Sun

Lorraine Hansberry wrote the play A Raisin in the Light. The play is about a lower-class black family attempting to achieve middle-class recognition. The play begins with one of the actors, Mama, a sixty-year-old mother of the family who is about to collect a $10,000 insurance payout after the death…

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Modernism and Hemingway

Hemingway’s short stories, Soldier’s Home and Big Two-hearted Rivers are epic works of literature that best illustrate modernity. Aspects of sophisticated poetry, subjectivity, and detachment from social structures will be explored through the examination of these two short stories. It is clear that in both novels, war is fundamental to…

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