Fictional Elements in Will Mackin's "The Lost Troop" and Sadia Shepard's "Foreign Returned"

Fiction is simply that book or story that authors write about the events recounted being imaginary and necessarily tied to real facts. It entails a creative imagination that writers breathe life into. Essentially, fiction it is less expected that people will want a work of fiction to present real characters...

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The Nonfiction Genre

Consider what you have learned about nonfiction writing as you respond to the questions below. Nonfiction is written about real people, events, and occurrences. Literary nonfiction and instructive nonfiction are the two categories of nonfiction. Notably, the writer of a biography or autobiography emphasizes the fascinating and meaningful aspects of the...

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The Final Sleep of Xena

I grinned as I turned to face my sibling. That ought to deter them because the barrier was finally finished. I couldn't help but believe, though, that I was being overly optimistic. We had put in a lot of effort to erect this electric barrier, which was 100 feet tall....

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John Gardner's On Moral Fiction

In John Gardner's On Moral Fiction, there is a strong impression that conversations focused on the concept of moral fiction and how to define it. From the standpoint of moral fiction's goal of teaching the audience without addressing real personalities, it becomes simple to transmit the moral message without demonizing...

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The Bronze Horseman Illustration and an Extract from Bely's Petersburg

The Relation of Bely s Petersburg to the Bronze Horseman The relation of Bely s Petersburg to the Bronze Horseman is based primarily on the symbolism and representations used by the writers. There are many allusions to the city s history dating back to its foundation within the fiction, and it...

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In Time Of Butterflies

In the Time of the Butterflies is a novel by Julia Alvarez that tells the fictitious story of the Mirabal sisters during the dictatorship of Rafael Ttujillo in the Dominican Republic. The story starts with one of the women, Dede, being interviewed about her prominent three sisters who were killed...

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The female man is a novel authored by a famous feminist

Introduction Joanna Russ, a well-known feminist, wrote the novel The Female Man. The novel was written in 1970 and published in America in 1975. The book is classified as both a fantasy novel and a feminist science fiction novel. The protagonist is a feminist who used short stories, novels, and nonfiction...

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Edgar Morin's "Chronicle of a Film"

The Chronicle of a Film The Chronicle of a Film is described by Edgar Morin as a study and ethnographic film. "This film is a science project," Edgar says. "Paris is the setting for this study" (463). Morin states that the film is not imaginary, but rather about actual people. What...

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Mythology and literature in English

A theory is a common narrative that has been used repeatedly to justify or address questions about the history of something, or about the social or natural phenomenon that leads to the existence of objects as they are. Neil Gaiman uses the mythology of contemporary storytelling and fantasy to relate...

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Stranger Than Fiction

Thematic Parallels between The Odyssey and Stranger Than FictionIt may seem strange to compare a contemporary film about a mundane IRS agent and his everyday life to a classic work of Greek literature on the surface. Still, there are some fascinating similarities worth noting. Comparing these two works allows one...

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The Sower's Parable

The Sower's Parable: A Dystopian NovelThe Sower's Parable is a futuristic and fictional novel set in a dystopian United States in the twenty-first century. Octavia E. Butler's novel, written in 1993, outlines the political, social, and economic rot in American society (Butler, 3). This is her first science fiction and...

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Visual Texts Final Project

Graphic novels are books that are classified as part of this genre of writing because their content is similar to that of comic books. Based on the story they tell, graphic novels can fall into a variety of categories. Fiction and non-fiction are two examples of such categories. In the...

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