A Worn Path, a Story by Eudora Welty

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Welty’s story, A Worn Path affords to be a distinguishable work of fiction. Through the use of the simple tone and the scope, Welty structures the story incorporating a creamy and prosperous texture of symbolic meaning making it sound real. The story remarkably describes the journey of Phoenix, an ancient woman who goes to Natchez town in her quest to get remedy for her grandson. Undoubtedly, the primary focus on the limitations that Phoenix endures in her journey evokes a feeling of sympathy in the reader. Phoenix struggles in her strolling against her poor eyesight and the severe fatigue. The characterization of Phoenix is portrayed to be significantly colorful which has pervaded the whole story and thus cultivating the attention of the reader. Notably, Welty informs the reader that giving up in life is not an option if one aspires to reach a full destiny. The pilgrimage of Phoenix give a clear picture of the trials and problems that people face in life and enduring them makes one to emerge out as a hero.

Phoenix’s Quest and Her Obstacles

Phoenix journey is a quest that she intends to overcome. She embarks on a journey and goes to town with aims of getting her grandson some medicine. The throat of her grandson had stopped working after he had swallowed lye. Phoenix struggles through the obstacles in the jungle, and she accomplishes her quest when she manages to get the medicine. Phoenix’s journey is faced with dangerous and difficult obstacles. She faces a threat from the wild animals and walks through the thorns which catch her dress. The path is rough and no matter the tiredness she feels, Phoenix continues to persevere in her quest. When Phoenix reaches the cotton fields, she is also frightened by something which she comes to learn that it is a scarecrow (Welty 6). She walks herself in the narrow path of the hills, passes through the muddy path and finally comes to a high bank where a dog barks at her. When she hits the dog using her cane, she ends up falling in a ditch. She faces a challenge in crossing a stream using a log. She drops her nickel, but she manages to pick it again. She eventually becomes unconscious and begins to dream, and she is helped by a hunting Whiteman who tries to persuade her to return home. However, Phoenix chooses to continue with the journey. She finally reaches the “shining” city of Natchez and enters the “big building” and the nurse questions her concerning her grandson (Welty 14).

Relation of Phoenix Perseverance

The perseverance and the endurance evident from Phoenix’s experiences personally relate to my life. Indeed, perseverance and endurance lead to success. For example, for me to succeed in my education, I have to persevere through hardships and challenges that I am likely to face along the way. Besides, the text personally informs me that the love we have for people require sacrifice. Phoenix preserves through the harsh journey for the love she has for her grandson, and she succeeded in getting the medicine for her grandson. The ability to withstand hardships that I face in my life will enable me to reach my destiny. Undisputedly, the experiences of Phoenix alludes to the reality of life. Phoenix is an old person but did not give up in her quest. The notable themes depicted in Phoenix such as determination, struggle, love, selflessness, sacrifice, and perseverance depict to be personally inspiring not only to me but to everyone who reads the story.

Work Cited

Welty Eudora. A Worn Path. New York, Literary Classics Of The United States, 1998.

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