Essays on Walt Whitman

Walt Whitman’s Liberalism and His Freethinking Behavior as Expressed in “Song of Myself”

The most well-known part of Walt Whitman's "Song of Myself," section 33, expresses Whitman's emotions, opinions, and thoughts about a variety of human actions and natural phenomena. Above all else, Whitman portrays himself as an independent thinker who is compassionate and open to understanding a variety of viewpoints. This humanistic...

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The function and responsibility of poetry

The Function and Responsibility of Poetry or Artistic Work The function and responsibility of poetry or other artistic work is to teach, chastise, and in some cases celebrate some part of nature, mankind, God, or other features of the earth. An examination of three works of literature discussed in class addresses...

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Walt Whitman essay paper

Introduction After reading the publications on Walt Whitman and New Eden comments on a global morality, I recognize the concepts and wishes conveyed in the works. Walt Whitman spoke of the United States of America being made up of pieces or different regions, various people, and even diverse civilizations that were...

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Whitman goes here

Walt Whitman's "Song of Me": A Celebration of Beauty and Harmony in Society Walt Whitman's poem "Song of Me" is a celebrated poem in American history because of the insightful meaning it conveys. Whitman employs a variety of poetic devices to convey his message in such a manner that the rest...

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“O, Captain!My Captain! ”by Walt Whiteman

The disagreement in Walt Whiteman s poem O Captain!My Captain! occurs as Whiteman becomes disillusioned with President Pierce. Whiteman thought he had met an ideal in President Abraham Lincoln at one point. However, this position changes after Lincoln is assassinated after the North s victory in the Civil War. At...

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