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Walt Whitman’s poem “Song of Me” is a celebrated poem in American history because of the insightful meaning it conveys. Whitman employs a variety of poetic devices to convey his message in such a manner that the rest of his audience can appreciate and agree with him. Imagery is one of the many aspects of poetry that Whitman uses heavily in the poem. The overarching imagery of women’s elegance and sensuality recurs in the poem. The poet praises the beauty of women, the peace, and the pleasure that comes through them. In this light, the poet uses the image of women to create the beauty of democracy and harmony in a society and the peace and prosperity that is experienced.

As the grass grows in the poem so is the beauty of the land and its sign of prosperity. Evidently, when a child appears carrying a handful of grass, the poet is unable to answer “What is the grass?.” It finally becomes clear that the grass itself is a representation of children or simply a continuation of growth. As grass grows and beautifies the nature so is the beauty of women who brings forth the next generation. Thus, the grass just like women represents a society that is in harmony. In this light, peace and prosperity brought by democracy are represented as the most important things in the life of humans.

Conclusively, it is evident that beauty as represented by women and the grass represents the cherished life of humans. Peace and tranquility are achieved through having harmony in society. In this light, democracy becomes the center stage for prosperous society as many people prefer.

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