Essays on History of The United States

The Importance of Decision Making in the Cuban Missile Crisis

Decision-making is a core part of the working of the human brain because it enables someone to reason critical and make judgement regarding an important issue. It is especially important when the decision taken will involve human lives because the thinking process could have massive consequences to human life as...

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The Life of Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of the renowned activists in the United States and a Baptist minister, who was engaged in various civil right movements to find for the rights of humanity. King Jr. struggled to ensure that equality is restored in the country and that the human rights...

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Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Historians may argue that there exists perhaps a no better case of contrasting ideologies that parallels the respective philosophies of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X that guided their cause for equality in a multiracial America. Luther is renowned for a pacifist approach which I Have a Dream...

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Application of Marxism in American Today

In essence, history of the Manifesto mirrors that of the modern workers’ movement. Presently, it is without a doubt the most prevalent and international production of all communist works, a platform recognized by a large number of workers from Siberia to America which remains applicable today, after 150 years. The...

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Gay Liberation Movement

In recent years, homosexuality has been one of the highly discussed issues in the world and in nations such as America. The public acceptance and the chance of laws in an effort to accommodate the minority sexual identity in the world can be attributed to the historical gay/homosexual liberation movements....

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Thomas Jefferson and Slavery

Thomas Jefferson s Views on Slavery Thomas Jefferson was one leader who fought to end slavery in the early years. In one of his letters, he suggests that that the talents of the Black people are not a guarantee for their rights. He even argues that Sir Isaac Newton was an...

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History of Women Voting Rights in the United States

The Matter of Voting Rights in the US The matter of voting rights in the US, precisely the disenfranchisement and enfranchisement of various categories, has been contested all over the history of United States. The right to vote is established both via the state law and the federal constitution. Numerous constitutional...

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Harry Hopkins and His Role in the Advancement of Social Welfare

The advances in the social welfare are traced back to the efforts by Harry Lloyd Hopkins (1890-1946) who was an administrator and presidential advisor in the Second World War. He was born in Sioux City in Iowa and was born as the fourth child in his family. His parents were...

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The Iran Coup

The story of the Iran coup should be part of United States’ history because the episode is hugely important and the Middle East was shaped after the coup when one looks at the perspective of the past. Also, it is essential for people to know the political history of other...

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History of the Prohibition Era

The effects of the approval were banning of manufacture, transportation, and sale of intoxicating liquors. The law that led to the Prohibition era came into effect in 1920. Even though the amendment took place at the federal level, a time when the Prohibition was legally effected, at least 33 states...

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Women Suffrage Rights in America

Introduction                                                                                                                            3 People granted suffrage rights in America                                                                             3 Women suffrage rights from 1877-to date                                                                             4 The struggle for women suffrage rights                                                                                 4 Women suffrage rights before the Colorado court                                                                 5 Women suffrage rights in the western and eastern states                                                      6 Women suffrage rights...

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Cuban American Community in the United States

Cuban Americans in the United States Cuban Americans constitute one of the significant Latinos in the United States, and many have integrated with Americans. In 1910, after Cuba got its independence, there were about 15,000 Cubans in the US, but after overthrowing of the government by Fidel Castro in 1959, more...

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